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Personal Information
Code Name Hiryu
Race Strider
Gender Male
Faction Unified Army
Function Human Weapon
Assignment Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!
Technical Specifications
Primary Ragnarok
Type Blade
Secondary Amassing Clouds Of Heaven
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Strider
Theme Song Odoru Akachan Ningen (Dancing Human Baby)

Character Data

"Our future is made by our own works."


One of Grandmaster Meio's many children, Hiryu was yet another attempt to create the perfect assassin. The product of generations of selective breeding, Hiryu was born and raised as a Strider, meant to become the Jade Man of our age; the ultimate warrior. Hiryu, however, rebelled against his rigorous upbringing, walking his own path apart from the Striders, and Meio allowed him to do so, thinking that the world would temper him and bring him back into the fold. However, when he did return, it was to destroy the Grandmaster - and as a reward Hiryu was defeated and forced to serve via ZAIN. Freed by his allies, Hiryu serves quietly in Star Force in special ops and as a mentor to younger Striders. He has a vaguely Confucian outlook on life, emphasizing personal honor but without any compunction against killing if it must be done. While he prefers actions over words, his ordeal with Meio has made him less distant and more apt to spend time with others.


Covert Operations, Languages (Chinese, English, Russian), Martial Arts (most), Ninjitsu, Poisons (many), Stealth Operations, STARS Tactics, SWAT Tactics, Urban Combat, Breaking Into Fortresses, Killing Russians, Killing Chinese, Killing Anybody Who Looks Like They Need Killing, Creepy Stare (The Original), Making Cameo Appearances In TPs, Dump Stat: CHR, Have You Figured Out That People Who Are Raised To Be Assassins Are Neither Well Adjusted Nor Happy People, If Not, Please Review Siarnaq And Serpent Next, Like Father Like Son