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Hivolt Raptoroid
Hivolt Raptoroid.jpg
Personal Information
Race Pseudoroid
Gender Male
Function Air Warrior
Assignment Better Than Sage Harpuia
Technical Specifications
Primary Claw Options
Type Electric
Secondary Classic Impact
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX
Theme Song

Character Data

"You'll just feel a little jolt before you sleep forever!"


Hivolt Raptoroid is not Sage Harpuia and finds the comparison offensive. A Pseudoroid constructed by Dr. Psyche and Dr. Stevenson, Hivolt believes himself to be a superior type of AI because of his unique heritage -- and superior to all other Pseudoroids because he was the first to be completed. Haughty and arrogant for no good reason, Hivolt uses his ability to fly to look down on everyone else. Unquestioningly loyal to his creators, Hivolt still harbors an unspoken belief that he is the greatest robot ever constructed, better than even the Professor's Dynamics. His desire to continually prove himself to be the best can get him into trouble, and his mouth writes checks his skidplate can't cash more often than not. Hivolt is just clever enough to be dangerous but not quite smart enough to know better. Hivolt uses lightning and energy waves in combat, but is slightly below average in terms of his flight speed due to his bulky construction. Hivolt can also detach his claws to use as options to fire on his foes.