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It's been a hard day's night...
It's been a hard day's night...
Personal Information
Real Name Saul Helikaon
Code Name Holocaust
Race E-Human
Gender Male
Birth Date January 1st, 2169
Serial Number Redacted
Faction Grave
Divisions Verethragna
Function Worst Person In The World
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Business & Corporate Politicking
Secondary Specialty Murdering Mavericks
Primary Genocide Cannon
Type Corrosive Fire
Secondary Unrestrained Use Of Excessive Force
Type Fire
Buster Colors Purple & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Michael Hogan (out of armor), Jeff Bridges (in armor)
Theme Song Urban Monkey Warfare by KMFDM

Character Data

"We are our own God. We are our own salvation. We dead have nothing left to fear."


Holocaust's death was far from short and far from painless. But it did serve a purpose as helping Saul Helikaon vent the hatred and self-loathing that had built up over the last twenty-five years. Wearing the Holocaust armor, Saul's identity as Holocaust isn't widely known but his ability to hunt down and executre wanted Mavericks is. The goal while in the armor is simple: murder every Maverick and ex-Maverick who hasn't been pardoned or otherwise 'parolled'. Once that goal is reached, Holocaust's aim will likely expand to include the wider audience of every ex-Maverick and pseudo-Maverick such as Nephilim and the Irregulars. Outside of the armor, Saul Helikaon is a well known name amongst the business world. Focused on military contracts and electronic development, Saul has been the head of Capcom Industries for the last fifteen years.


Mastery: Self Tailored Suits, Ruthless Business Tactics, Ruthless Battlefied Tactics, Just Plain Ruthless, Massive Collateral Damage, Oh Look, This Again, Brutality, Ol' Mean Sonnavabitch, Timeline Entry Waiting To Happen, (s)AINT, Man In The Box, Not The Villain You Want, But The Villain You Deserve, MFDMK?


The Robot Wars have done terrible things to humanity. Beyond just the Zombie Apocalypse triggered by Protoman, the Robot Wars has led to more deaths for humanity in the last twenty five years than all previous wars combined. Now, part of this is the sheer size of the population in the modern world. But all of it centers around the fact that for twenty five years there has been a global and now solar scale war that has only stopped for brief, fleeting moments.

With humanity being a much more global community with the advent of teleportation technology, this has led people to have connections and family worldwide. This is the story of an older man with a global family. A man who has seen the worst, done the worst, and intends to be the worst.

"The worst that happens in war, what people can become... the same thing that is done to them."

Saul Helikaon was born nearly sixty years ago on January 1st, 2169. He was just a few years old when the 'Second Renaissance' began. Born into one of the families with a controlling interest in Capcom Industries, Saul had seen the end of the wars in China while attending school. Given his families status as one of the richest in the world, Saul was enrolled in the International School of Geneva, the premiere stop for the wealthiest of the wealthy.

Those years in Geneva were, generally, uneventful. As with everyone else that goes to Ecolint, Saul made the usual ties, friendships, and enemies that are made amongst the wealthiest families. He ran into the Magrevich family amongst many others. By the time he graduated the secondary school and headed off to college, the world was in a tranquil state. As he entered Cambridge, at the age of 18 in 2187, Saul began to make a place for himself as a businessman and techology venture capitalist. By the time he graduated seven years later, holding a doctoral degree in the growing field of Business of Applied Technological Innovation, Saul took up a position in Capcom's British offices. A few years of working at the lower end of the spectrum, as his family had a long standing tradition of 'working their way up', Saul oversaw the development of teleportation as a widespread transportation method for both humans and goods.

Life was good. Saul got married to a wonderful, if not raucous, woman named Ellen. They had kids. Saul was settling in nicely into the life that he always knew he'd have. Then, November 2199 rolled around.

Capcom Industries took a hit to the their market shares the day that Light, Wily, and Cain unveiled their AI creation. Every tech company took a hit that day as investors began to plan their future investment into the presumed explosion of artifical intelligence technologies. Saul, now Vice President of Technological Investments, was initially stumped about how to proceed. This small group of scientists had done all the R&D and investment management themselves. There was nothing to buy in to yet, and thus Capcom Industries -- as all other tech companies -- were initially left out in the cold.

The Robot Masters changed all of that. When they struck San Angeles, there were countless Joe, Met, and even Robot Master bodies half-destroyed. Enough that Capcom's San Angeles office was able to recover some of the materials and begin to reverse engineer their technologies. Meanwhile, Saul began to look into the current scientific field for whoever was most capable of developing the next innovation in robotics technology and came across a promising scientist named Sigmund Doppler in Germany.

Capcom Industries immediately setup a government contract, hiring Doppler as its lead scientist, to reverse engineer the specifications obtained from Robot Masters and from Doctor Light. Saul personally made the pitch to Doppler to recruit him onto the project. And thus, Project Reploid was born.

Many people are responsible for what happens next. Doppler is given incredible latitutde and control of the project. When Project Reploid is deemed a success and the first reploids roll off the line, the United Nations is esctatic. They have the army they've always wanted -- one where humans will not die in pointless battles but instead one where robots battle robots while humans sit comfortably back and reap the successes. Whether Doppler predicted this or not, he left Capcom Industries and assisted the newly formed Repliforce, working closely with his creations, General and Sigma.

Sigma going rogue changed everything.

That first strike in Sydney was the first body blow for Saul. He wasn't there. He didn't see the death. But he felt the sting half a world away when he got a call in the days after the attack. His youngest son, Liam, was killed in the midst of the assault when the Mavericks hit the Sydney office of Capcom. His son was only an intern there.

Saul did the only thing he could to cope with the pain and the assumed guilt of getting his son the year-long internship.

He turned to the bottle.

And he fell in.

What's worse is that he took his wife with him down into the bottle.

Saul's remaining son and two daughters tried to do their best to console their parents. But after a few years of dealing with their parents self-destructive ways, Sharon and D'anna both took their own families and moved. They couldn't let their grandchildren get subjected to the spiral that their parents refused to get out of.

Leoben, Saul's oldest son, covered for his father at work. He proved himself invaluable at Capcom, filling his father's shoes as V.P. of Technological Investments. The annual stockholder and board of directors meeting rolled around and Leoben, unable to let the board see his father, decided to go for him. This year's convention was to be held in 2010.

Fate's hand intervened again on the Helikaon family. A berserk Zero attacked the city. For a few hours, Hong Kong became the center of the Robot Wars as every faction descended down upon the city to try and stop Zero and gain control of the insane reploid. Even Vile and the Mavericks made their presence known. The destruction through the city was immense. And as the dust settled, half the board were caught in the collapse of the building. Only one or two were killed. Leoben was one of the lucky ones to survive save that he was caught in the blast itself. The doctors couldn't tell his sisters when he'd wake up from the coma... Saul and Ellen wouldn't even find out for another few weeks when they, in a rare moment of sobriety, saw the news.

Something snapped in Saul's mind the night he found out. Anguish became anger. Self-pity became self-loathing.

It took a good amount of willpower for Saul to drag himself out of the bottle. He would have relapses, usually thanks to his wife never really getting out of the bottle herself. But he began to make his presence known amongst the Capcom board. He began to assert greater control over the company, buying out some of the other board member's shares so that he would have a greater control on the company.

As the Stardroids descended upon the planet, Saul barely took notice. He shifted Capcom Industries away from reploid production and into the wider fields or robotics where the attention was away from artifical intelligence. He convinced the board that reploid production would die out as a viable field within a decade and moved the company back to its electronic roots as one of two primary focuses. The second focus was in military contracts. Weapons, armors, and other means to protect the humans of the world from the growing threat of the Mavericks became a key component of Capcom business. The corporation, already consider a megacorp on the scale of transnationalism, became one of the three largest in the world.

Saul made sure his comatose son was taken care of. He moved him to Berlin where some of the world's best neural surgeons were. His daughters introduced him to their children and for a brief time, the Helikaon family became a bit more normal. All the while, the Robot Wars took this world further down a spiral.

2213 would see darker reflections of the Mavericks arrive from some alternate universe. Magistrate Vile proving that Vile still had further to fall. The Stardroids passed judgment and then were defeated.

But 2214 came and Saul was stunned. The United Nations sided with the Mavericks and Hunters to strike at Repliforce. The sheer stupidity of such an act left Saul stunned. He saw now why his friends amongst the rich doubted the United Nation's effectiveness. Black SHIELD, who had become one of the under-the-table business partners for Saul and Capcom, had the pulse of the world. They saw the faults in the system.

The assumptions made by Black SHIELD became a reality for Saul and his family the following year. Visiting Berlin to see their son, Saul and Ellen were caught in the city the night the Mavericks attacked. The hospital was one of the primary targets destroyed in the siege of the city; torn assunder by Tempest Dolphin as he unleashed a suicidal use of the Perfect Storm.

Torn from his life support units, Saul and Ellen were trapped in the rubble mere feet from their son as they watched him take his last breath. No help was coming for them that night. Trapped with their dead son, Saul and Ellen were left to dig themselves out of the rubble by themselves. Taking the time to bury their son using the rubble of the building, inevitably, caused their eventual capture. If they had left when they first broke free they could have made it out on the last teleports from the hub before the United Nations cut off the pads.

Captured, Saul and Ellen were put into the pens holding humans for experimentation and 'forced upgrades'. For nearly a year the two lived in the camps, Saul becoming involved in the Resistance while there. The fight was a futile one but one that the humans in the camps used to hold onto hope. As the Resistance made a move to free the camp, the Mavericks moved in and killed half of their number in the first few seconds.

Someone had tipped them off.

That someone was Ellen Helikaon.

Faced with the knowledge, after the attempt to free the camp was put down, that his wife was the mole who had leaked their plans to the Mavericks, Saul was left with no choice by his fellow Resistance leaders. He sat that night with his wife, drinking to the memory of their two sons and to the knowledge that their daughters were safe. Quietly, Saul slipped a poison into her drink that would painlessly make her fall asleep and stop her heart. He cried for hours with her in his arms.

The remaining Resistance members found him there that morning. Dragging him away from Ellen, they slipped out of the camp and out of Berlin amidst the chaos of the Mavericks deciding to eradicate the camp. Vile standing at the forefront of the assault.

For the next half year, Saul helped the Resistance lead hit and run tactics on the Mavericks. By the end of 2216, the Resistance cell he was in was rundown and broken. The Mavericks captured the cell one night in November. This time they weren't headed toward a camp, they were headed toward a forced cyber-conversion process. The Mavericks were using the Resistance members to test out new conversion techniques before converting over the 'true believer' humans amongst them. Saul was strapped down and had his left arm torn off. His right eye was removed and replaced with a cybernetic one. The problem the Mavericks had, of course, was that often the forced converted often escaped. Unable to escape under his own power, Saul was rescued by some of the others as they broke out.

The walls around Maverick Europe weren't quite finished when the United Nations decided to make their move. Powered Armor divisions landed on the beaches of Normandy, banking on the force of history, to take back France and then all of Europe. The massacre that ensued was enough to shock the world. It was also a perfect opportunity for some of the Resistance to escape. As the battle turned and the retreat was called, Saul made it onto one of the few transports that made it out alive. He was free of Europe.

But not free of the hatred and self-loathing.

Capcom Industries had moved on without him, assuming many of its board members were dead when Europe fell. Thankfully, Saul's two daughters had inherited his considerable chunk of Capcom. Reacquiring it, Saul used his not inconsiderable wealth to have the cybernetics in his body stripped out by the scientists of Neo Arcadia. Enhanced and revitalized, Saul made no qualms of his disdain for reploids now. The board became slightly worried that he had went to the Arcadians for assistance but none of them could truly blame the man considering what happened to him over the last two years.

Calling his daughters, Saul convinced Sharon to move with her family to Australia along with him once Australia had banned all reploids in 2218. Settling in, Saul establishes ties with the Australian Defense Force. Capcom's military contracts expand ten-fold in the next two years as the war begins to escalate and the threat of Able City off their coasts become greater. San Angeles, the United States, Texas are just a few of the countries that begin building greater militaries.

By 2220, Saul and Sharon, along with her family, move to Innerpeace. The Zombie Apocalypse doesn't seem to touch his family, thankfully. D'Anna, Sharon and her daughter, and Saul make it through this dark time together in Australia. The quarantines and protections put in place by the Australian government allow many to survive this unscathed.

For a brief moment, Saul is able to ignore the Robot Wars. While he's responsible for Capcom's growing military contracts, the war was not on Australian soil. It was quiet. It was calm.

Until Vile and the Mavericks came.

The night that Vile and the Mavericks descended on Innerpeace and Paradise Fountain was Berlin all over again in Saul's mind. He was determined to keep his daughters and granddaughter alive, even at the cost of his own life. Saul called in favors with his Black SHIELD contacts in the ADF and had them moved into one of the secure facilities for government VIPs. But it was those very facilities that the Mavericks struck. Vile and the Goliath destroy a three block area and the hidden bunkers beneath it. The death of his daughters, and presumed death of his granddaughter, breaks the last vestige of morality in Saul. Though he doesn't know his granddaughter survived -- at the hands of a reploid no less, Saul decides that the future of humanity can no longer abide these things that think they're people.

Still nominally in charge of Capcom, Saul delegates his responsibilities to the board. Controlling 52 percent of the shares, Saul has no fear of a hostile takeover of Capcom, having no intention of selling the company. Knowing that the board is composed of people of like mind as himself, Saul focuses on exacting revenge.

March 18th, 2222. The day that Doctor Doppler was given probation, not death, for his crimes was a memorable one for Saul. It was the same day that he had hunted down and captured Holocaust. Saul knew then that Holocaust was not Vile.

It didn't matter.

Holocaust looked like him.

Acted like him.

This was enough for Saul. For three months, Saul worked. Piece by piece, Saul disassembled Holocaust. For three long months, Saul was filled with an almost visceral delight hearing Holocaust scream. When the armor was stripped away, Saul began on the true purpose of skinning the reploid. It wasn't just to take the external armor, it was to take the reploid's power cores and weapon systems. Saul wanted to utilize the fear that reploids like Holocaust inspired for his own ends. He researched the methods to rip these parts out to maximize pain by calling in contacts who once worked for Arcadia and Black SHIELD.

Holocaust's death was painful and long.

The core sits on Saul's mantlepiece in Innerpeace.

Since then, Saul has bought armor from Hunter Industries, weaponary from Greymalkin, and utilized the weapons developed by Capcom to create a state of the art power armor. Restoring the armor to the original forest green that Holocaust once had, allowing for some confusion between Vile and Holocaust publically by intent, Saul spends his time outside of the board room quietly hunting ex-Mavericks. His hatred and goals are much more expansive than that, but hunting ex-Mavericks is socially acceptable.


  • In the history M3 no one has ever really defined the leadership of Capcom Industries, ICly the largest megacorp in the world.
  • Holocaust was once an OFC (original feature character) created for the Irregulars back when they were 'Neo-Mavericks'. He later would work with Lumine and become the murder bot he always wanted to be.


  • The character's background is unknown to most people save for a handful of family friends. If you want to play as knowing part of it, please contact me on the MUSH.