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Homura Atsuki
Homura Atsuki.jpg
Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender Male
Birth Date May 12, 2208
Faction Grave
Divisions Development
Function Skate Ninja
Assignment Skate Or Die
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Skating
Secondary Specialty Stridering
Weapons A Skateboard
Primary The Art Of Flight
Type Physical
Secondary We Own The Sky
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 4
Theme Song [[theme::Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push]]

Character Data

"Skateboarding is a lifestyle, an art form, and a sport."


Homura Atsuki is a young man trying to find his way in the world through the art of skateboarding. Raised by his grandmother Negin in a lower-class section of Giza, Homura never aspired to be anything more than a talented skater. Decidedly average in school, Homura accumulated many truant hours grinding rails and doing sick flips off of stairwells. When he began to manifest the Strider characteristics that were his birthright, his grandmother began to tell him of the world that he truly belonged to. Not long afterward, his 'aunt', Mai Atsuki, came to rescue the both of them from their lives of obscure poverty. Now a 'Chan' in the Grave establishment, Homura is attempting to figure out just what he's actually going to do with his life. Will he become an elite assassin like his family before him, or can he continue his aspirations to become the greatest skateboarder of the modern age?


Languages (Arabic, English), Wicked Sick Board Techniques, Going Vert, Shredding, Grinding, Flips, Stupid Skateboard Tricks, Evading The Man, Living The First Third Of 'Wanted', Digs The Pyrotechnics, Skate Ninjas Must Die


Homura Atsuki's earliest memories are of being raised by his grandmother in Giza. He soaked up pop culture like any other kid. Xtreme Sports was one of those areas he absolutely loved. But he particularly admired the Hawk Dynasty, a trio of Tony Hawk's descendants. Catherine "Cat", Adam, and Tommy Hawk. They innovated the art of skateboarding and took it to entirely new levels for the modern era. He didn't have a huge concern for school. He studied like any other kid. Got Cs and the occasional B minus. And he didn't have tons of friends outside of knowing some skaters. But it was after school, and plenty of times while skipping school, where he got to shine. Putting his mind, body, and soul into skating. Broken bones, cuts, and more fractures than he can count. He put it all into skating on anything he could find and learning any trick the internet had for him. It was when he began to go so far as to accumulate complex wall grind combos and become increasingly antsy in school that his grandmother, Negin Atsuki, began to suspect that something wasn't quite right. Then a bully decided to snap his skateboard in half, and that was the breaking point. Literally. He proceeded to take both halves of the board and break both the boy's arms. The skateboard was one of the few precious things he owned. Living in poverty, he appreciated whatever his grandmother gave him or he could find in the street. But he never considered himself a violent person, someone who could give into that sort of impulse. The worst part was, he liked it, and he had no idea how to feel about that. He told all of this to his grandmother, and her suspicions were confirmed. She explained exactly what he was, and explained this world of Striders that they lived in. He didn't know how to take it, it was a lot. And soon his grandmother orchestrated Mai Atsuki, his apparent aunt, to whisk them away into Grave before he could be pulled into Ouroboros for the hellish life as one of Meio's Striders in training. Of course he didn't completely escape having to train. Those instincts, that birthright of his, it's all being fostered and carefully honed in his new home. He's been at it for a little while now, and had a few field missions, but was ultimately taken back in for more training, to try and perhaps prepare him a little more for this life he was thrust into. But it was decided that he needed to start applying this training to field missions again, that he'll never be more ready until he simply goes out there. Does he really want this life for himself, to possibly one day give up skating? Or should he simply try to have his cake and eat it too? Only time will tell.


  • McDonalds blows, Taco Bell is xtreme.
  • Mountain Dew is the best soda.
  • Nachos are the best snack, even in Dorito form.
  • Always wear a helmet, unless you're really good, or just too cool for one.