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Hornet Man
Hornet Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Combat Gardener
Technical Specifications
Primary Hornet Chaser
Type Blade Corrosive
Secondary Hornet Flight
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman 9
Theme Song

Character Data

"Gardens are a form of autobiography."


Hornet Man is deceptively mild mannered for a robot filled with angry robot hornets. Soft spoken and introverted, Hornet Man tends to Wily's gardens and develops biological agents for the use of other Robot Masters. One of the few Robot Masters with a green thumb, Hornet Man also grows a variety of plants and flowers for his own personal enjoyment, finding joy in arranging flowers, trimming bonsai trees, and setting up neatly arranged trees and bushes. Hornet Man rarely raises his voice, preferring to allow his actions to speak for him. For the most part, Hornet Man is happy to go with the flow, equally at home in his garden or causing havoc on the battlefield. The only thing that reliably angers Hornet Man is destroying plants, especially flowers. As one would expect, Magma Man tends to be on the receiving end of Hornet Man's ire almost on a daily basis. Another source of annoyance to Hornet Man is Splash Woman's insistance that her drones are better than his, though Hornet Man's diligence in gardening tends to speak well of his own drone management abilities.


Horticulture, Biological Weaponry, Pharmacology, Better Fortresses And Gardens, Always Has Fresh Produce, Generally Chill Until You Mess With His Flower Beds, Goes Along With Everyone Else, Always Has Muddy Feet, I Like My Enemies Like I Like Myself - Filled With Explosive Hornets




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