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Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Blackguard
Function Would-Be Nyarlathotep
Technical Specifications
Primary Phantom Claw
Type Blade Energy
Buster Colors Purple & Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force 2
Theme Song

Character Data

"The answer to all the evil in the world is to be more evil."


Hyde is a scoundrel who is only interested in furthering his own strange plans. Born to a wealthy family, Hyde's line was wiped out during the last five years by convenient "accidents", allowing him to collect his inheritance early. An obsessed painter, Hyde's pursuit of the darkness is a manifestation of his artistic zeitgeist. Hyde claims to have become a Blackguard solely for a deeper understanding of the darkness. His charisma and intelligence has put him at the head of many Ra Moon cults for a short time... until Hyde grows bored, kills those with the dark power for their strength, and fleeces the rest of the flock to maintain his jet-setting lifestyle. Totally untrustworthy, women nonetheless are drawn to Hyde for his sophistication and grace. Were it not for Hyde's impatience and continual need for distraction, he might have succeeded in some of his grand designs by now.


Cut Scenes