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Hyper Storm H
Hyper Storm H.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Hyper Storm H
Race Omnidroid
Gender Male
Creator/s Scott Wily & ?
Faction Irregulars
Divisions Cadre Killers
Function Cadre Killer Enforcer
Technical Specifications
Primary Mobius Drain
Type Force
Buster Colors Blue and Purple
OOC Information
Game Megaman: The Wily Wars
Voice Actor Ernie Sabella
Theme Song

Character Data

"Get out of my way or be des--hello ladies... how you doin'?"


If Hyper Storm H had stayed dead, that really would have been God's gift to women. Instead, Ra Moon resurrected him to serve as the muscle of the Cadre Killers. Death has not changed him considerably, except as an excuse for even lamer pick-up lines. He continues to always hit on the wrong females at the wrong times, and as such regularly finds himself on the receiving end of girl power. Insufferably self-confident, not even the most devastating rejections will deter Hyper Storm H from his goal -- which he will entirely forget about once he sees the next pretty girl. He also still doesn't get along well with Buster Rod G, continuing to feel that he is more suited to lead the group than he. Easily the strongest and hardiest of the three Cadre Killers, Hyper Storm H has a natural antipathy for others of his general make such as Punk or Guts Man. His hated primary weapon, the Mobius Drain, allows him to almost fully recover in some situations from the most vicious assaults.


Busting Heads, Busting Other Body Parts, Big Bully of the Family, Monster Big AND Monster Pig!, Literal Blowhard, Huffing and Puffing, Suction Breath, Breaking Things Wtih Wind, Just Breaking Wind, Gives New Meaning to Male Chauvinist Pig, Shameless Flirt, Really Bad Pickup Lines, Really Bad Lines In General, Macho Posturing, Getting Slapped/Malleted/Crotchshotted by Females, Doesn't Know the Meaning of No, Skirt/Tail Chaser, Big Mack Daddy Hog, Snorting, Pigging Out, Massive Contributer to Ozone Depletion


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