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Ice Man
Ice Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Creator/s Drs. Light, Cain and Wily
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Outer Haven
Function Arctic Missions
Assignment Get Apped
Technical Specifications
Primary Ice Slasher
Type Ice
Secondary Ultra Blizzard
Type Ice
OOC Information
Game Megaman
Theme Song

Character Data

"Only through perfection can one assure their self of certain success... And even then something will go south..."


Originally designed for sub-zero industrial work, Ice Man was turned into a weapon by Dr. Wily. A worrisome soul, being freed of Dr. Wily's control has only redirected his fretful, perfectionist nature to atoning for his past misdeeds. A firm believer in Murphy's Law, he tends to over-plan things, sometimes compounding problems with trying to be too prepared for what can happen. Despite this, he works well as part of a team - so long as he has someone who can keep his meticulous tendencies in check. Anxious and irritable in social situations, he's resigned himself to always being the little guy, despite the potent ice-manipulation weaponry built into his body.


Arctic Operations (Exploration, Mapping), Philosophy: Perfectionism, Knowledges: Hydrology, Thermodynamics, Arts: Ice Sculpting, Sports: Ice Skating, Tour Skating, Ice Hockey, Ice Fishing, Ice Climbing, Curling, Broomball, Sled Racing, Ice Racing, Iceboating, Ice Ice Baby, Icebreakers Ruin His Day, Better Than The Icee Company, Not An Iceman, Not Bobby Drake, Not Tom Kazanski, Not Björn Borg, Not George Woolf, Not Jerry Butler, But The Ice Man Cometh, More Excited Than The School Kids To See A Snow Day, Would Bite His Fingernails To The Quick If He Had Any, More Nervous Than Luigi, The Only Robot Capable Of Having A Heart Attack, Eskimo Bob, Eskimo Bob, He Eats Raw Fish, Eskimo Bob, Eskimo Bob, He Is Cool


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