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Infinity Mijinion
The Gunsmith
The Gunsmith
Personal Information
Real Name Infinity Mijinion
Code Name Flea, The Mij
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Stonewall Weapons Inc.
Birth Date Unknown
Serial Number UN #335480
Email None
Divisions Scientists [O]
Function Weapons Development
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Weapons Design
Secondary Specialty Technical Repair
Weapons Lasers, Chemicals, Inventions, Clone Bodies
Primary Ray Arrow
Type Energy
Secondary Rekkoha
Type Energy
Buster Colors Violet and White
OOC Information
Game Mega Man X6
Voice Actor Grunts from Halo
Theme Song Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim

Character Data

"If two heads are better than one, just imagine what you can accomplish with two -thousand-!"


A true mad scientist, Infinity Mijinion specializes in developing new kinds of weaponry. Rather than rely on others to assist in his work, he has constructed several hundred copies of himself, albeit not as powerful, to help around the lab. Rather than possessing Reploid minds, these copies are linked directly to and controlled by Infinity. Unfortunately, this also means he can feel the pain that any of them may feel, and the destruction of any of them without preparatory mental separation can leave him incapacitated for a short period. Like most mad scientists, he eschews ethics for technological innovation, but rather than seek to become God-like, he is content to concoct vile weapons of war to stimulate his love of conflict. Some say his arrogance, loud proclamations, and maniacal tendencies are a result of compensation for his very short stature, but few work up the courage to ask. His wild imagination and creativity have resulted in many odd successes and failures in his career, though his most successful and potent weapon to date is the Ray Arrow, a refracted laser beam that can bounce off almost any surface. He has a fondness for giant robots, as well as an unsettling habit of naming and treating his weaponry as if they were alive.


Weapons Design, Ride Armor Design, Mad Scientist, Gun Enthusiast, Napoleon Complex, Irrational Hatred of Spies, Oh My God, Who Touched Sasha?, The Best Thing About Being Him...There Are So Many Of Him, Full Entitlement To Creating The Most Annoying And Unfair And Poorly Designed Levels In This Game's History




Infinity's inventions tend to go with the philosophy 'the more destructive power, the better'.


Ray Arrow: Infinity's first weapon is also his personal method of attack. This laser can be fired off and bounced off any surface much like the GGemini Laser, but it can also suddenly change direction in mid-air.

Microwave Laser: Developed during his time with the Irregulars, this gun fires concentrated microwaves with predictable effects. Used against ADF forces to horrible effect.


Illumina: Infinity's first giant robot, his magnum opus as a Maverick. This massive robot was several stories tall, equipped with energy blasts shot from the palms, swarms of laser drones, and fierce robot strenbgth., It was brought down by a Hunter attack and the self-sacrifice of the turncoat Glaive.

Mecha Shive: Fini's giant robot built as an Irregular, a mechanical version of the Hindu god Shiva. It battled Mike the Evil Loiving Building in Hollywood against the League of Mean.

Gunsbraster: A giant robot chicken Fini built in three days to fight Spike Rosered's Biollante monstrosity in Japan over one of their many, many spats.




  • 2225-01-18: Umbrella Infiltration -
  • 2225-02-04: The Fall of Umbrella - Albert Wesker decides that Umbrella's usefulness to him is ended.
  • 2225-04-13: Queensland Takeover - Ouroboros arrives in Queensland, New Zealand to open portals to allow their troops in - but a mysterious new group soon arrives to stop them....