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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Birth Date 4 July
Serial Number RF-0171989
Faction Versus
Function Communications
Assignment Design Weaponized Cookies
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Communcations
Secondary Specialty Diplomacy
Weapons EMPs, the Vanguard, Colonel, Superior Intellect
Primary Beam Fan
Type Blade
Secondary Disruptor Beam
Type Electric
OOC Information
Game Megaman X4
Theme Song

Character Data

"It is an unfortunate fact that we can secure peace only by preparing for war."


Iris is a military veteran, a noted scientist, and an advocate for world peace. The "sister" of Colonel, Iris is among one of the longest serving officers in the Repliforce. Almost every major battle of the Robot Wars has involved her acting either on the front lines or behind the scenes. Whether representing Repliforce to the United Nations or battling enemy forces in the Vanguard, Iris accords herself with an empathy and forthrightness that tends to be disarming even to the most cynical. Many people believe Iris is naive because of her turbulent past, but the difficulties Iris has faced in her life have given her great wisdom into the affairs of the heart. Neither fickle nor foolish, Iris has not allowed the horrors she has lived through to close her heart to others. Off the battlefield, Iris continues to distinguish herself with her academic achievements, particularly in the growing field of Mars Studies.


Cryptography, Diplomacy, Humanities (General), International Relations, Languages (All Earth, Martian), Mars Studies (Language, Culture, History), Mechanical Engineering, Military Science, Pilot: Ride Armor (Expert), Programming (Reploid, General), Reavertech, Robotics, Science (General), Strategic Analysis, Systems Analysis, Telecommuniations, World-Class Liberal Arts Education, Heavily Published, Oh Yes, The Baking, Makes A Very Good Pie

It's a bad day when you've pissed Iris off.






  • 2214-02-13: The Siege of Repliforce Island - Rock leads the Hunters into a tragic battle with the disavowed Repliforce. The body count rises...
  • 2214-03-17: Repliforce Officer's Brawl - During the Battle & Chase games, Vile informs Anthem that he's killed her brother. She goes on a rampage to kill him - and when Colonel steps in to prevent her likely suicide? A street brawl erupts.
  • 2214-07-28: The Anchorage Striptease - Blizzard Man attacks Anchorage and is defeated by nothing but a boombox and a pair of underwear.
  • 2216-05-16: Of All The Gin Joints - After her attempted assassination of Dr. Wily in Casablanca, the previously MIA Anthem is returned to Repliforce's medical bay
  • 2221-02-09: A Funeral For Father And Son - The funeral of Dr. Thomas Light and Rock Light.
  • 2225-04-24: Iris Must Die - An ex-Repliforcer makes a move to end the threat Iris has become.
  • 2227-05-13: Lessons of a Dead Empire - Nephilim visits some Mavericks in another dimension.
  • 2228-01-10: You're One Of Us Now - Iris and Sewa visit Cerisier's new greenhouse on Mars. Introductions are made and an arc phrase is acccidentally coined.
  • 2228-01-12: THE NEMMIES - Villains come together.
  • 2228-02-07: No One Here Is Alone - Cerisier brings Iris rainbow lilies for ostensibly friendly reasons. In a stunning twist, it turns out she had a crush on her.
  • 2228-02-21: That's Quite a Reaction - Light Labs welcomes its newest witch. They find out she and Cerisier might have a troubled history.
  • 2228-02-22: ULTRONQUEST: Menace of the Machine Man - Slur and the Robot Masters attack Innerpeace's Paradise Fountain with an army of strange robots. But what are they after?
  • 2228-03-01: ULTRONQUEST: To Collar a Titan - Slur and the Robot Masters sneak into Asgard during a pitched battle in order to forge an Uru body for Ultron. Someone says nay.
  • 2228-03-08: ULTRONQUEST: A Wish Come True - Slur and the Robot Masters attack the Avengers with the aid of their newly unstoppable ally, Ultron.
  • 2228-03-14: Pie Day Pregaming - St. Patrick's Day is only a few days away, but it's never too early to get wasted.
  • 2228-03-18: Jungle of Nightmares - Cerisier and her intrepid team of scientists/mysterious heroes/a cat venture into the Amazon Basin in search of the source of the ecological disruption. They find it.
  • 2228-04-07: Searching For Utopia - While on a picnic, Cerisier questions Iris about her Maverick past. A radio conversation becomes particularly apropos.
  • 2228-05-04: Jeanne and Cerisier - Iris has good news and bad news for Cerisier.
  • 2228-06-21: Happy Father's Day - Slur launches a massive attack on the prison holding 2240's version of Dr. Wily.
  • 2228-07-16: What Immortality Is Made Of - Wire asks Slur about immortality.
  • 2228-07-25: The 69th Annual Wily Hour - The Robot Masters are at it again with the hard-hitting social commentary. Sonia Strumm has some of her own grievances to air.
  • 2228-09-11: Hard Technomerican Justice - <Radio: A - VS Main> Sewa transmits, "Good work kicking a webcomic author down the stairs and... and I guess showing Lady Liberty who's boss?"
  • 2229-10-06: Battle on the Big Ben - Versus needs to capture One Step Ahead Tengo in order to save Professor Layton. HYDRA's uninvited guest, however, makes the battle take a deadly serious turn.
  • 2230-02-18: Ice to Meet You - Versus and friends meet a free thinker frozen in time.
  • 2230-11-12: The Wine-Dark Sea - Yeah that part about the psychological horror and insanity was probably a lie.