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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Grave
Divisions Irregulars, Outer Haven
Function Public Relations
Assignment Find Relevance
Technical Specifications
Primary Hold It
Type Sonic
Secondary Press Harder
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman X6
Theme Song

Character Data

"Yes, that's an interesting theory, but do you have the evidence to back it up that it was really Mega Man and not Dark Man in disguise?"


Charismatic and eloquent of speech, Isaac acted as the Hunters Public Relations representative for years in the past. However, even the most level headed of people can only make the Hunters not seem like dangerous vigilantes for so long, and the more the likes of Protoman and other problem Hunters caused issues, the more and more futile effort he saw in trying to act on good 'PR' if others like Rock or Signas had to do it anyways. However, rather than sitting around and being useless, Isaac took his thirst for knowledge to Law Schools and Legal Advisory academies to study laws and how it relates to such organizations like the Hunters, as well as the game of politics related to them. His powerful voice and natural charisma still intact, his presence demands respect in most courts of law as he works to help the Hunters protect themselves when it comes to issues that arise in court.


OBJECTION!, Hold It!, Hunter PR, It's Like The World's Biggest In-Joke, My Head is Bigger Than Your Head, Not a Dr. Wily Robot, Not Gate's Lackey, Not Dying In Horrible Cutscenes, Isaac Von Karma(?), Lawyer of Action(?), Plot Relevant(?)


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