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A Wildcard
Please Disregard Cosmic Sage Harpuia
Please Disregard Cosmic Sage Harpuia
Personal Information
Real Name Jack
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Grave
Function The Northern Light
Technical Specifications
Primary Pyromania
Type Fire
Secondary Cheap Shot
Type Physical
Buster Colors Wine Red & Purple
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force 3
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal
Theme Song Poets Of The Fall - 15 Min Flame

Character Data

"Burn! Ha ha ha! See how YOU like it!"


Jack is the troubled younger brother of Tia and an adopted 'brother' of Shane Hunter. The two were orphaned at a young age by Robot Wars-related violence, leaving them wards of the state. Life was hard for many years for Jack and Tia, but they had a loyal comrade in the gifted Shane Hunter. When Shane was swept up by the UN, Shane got Tia and Jack to come along with him as his family. Shane became a sort of father figure to Jack over the years, earning his devoted loyalty. But Jack, like Tia, was not quite right. Aggressive and vicious, Jack has been kicked out of a string of schools for acting out. The only person who can reliably control Jack is Tia, and she usually tends not to until it becomes difficult for Shane. However, Jack is trying to reform with Shane's encouragement to make something out of himself.


Angry, Small Man Complex, Burninating The Countryside, Set A Man On Fire And He's Warm For The Rest Of His Life, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Short-Fused, I Must Not Dry My Hair In The Wind Tunnel, Was That A Short Joke A Minute Ago?, Not So Much Led As 'Aimed,' Still Not Sage Harpuia, Mister Furious


Early Childhood

Jack is too young to clearly remember his life before the death of his parents. The only blood family he's fairly certain of is Tia, and even that isn't really an absolute in his mind anymore. He spent his entire life, as best he can recall, being shuffled from one state run orphanage to another. The only constants in his life were the state managing to somehow not break he and his sister apart and another orphan about Tia's age named Shane.

Shane was special, the government knew it, and when they discovered the spark of genius in him as a youth it was Shane's gravity that drew Jack and his sister into orbit around him. The state and other interested parties kept the three of them together to keep Shane happy and on task.

When Mr. King's foundation took over sponsorship of Shane, Tia and Jack came along for the ride. Everything began to go a little strange in his life from there.


Jack does not know when Tia became some sort of priestess, her introduction to whatever it is that Miss Millions decided to teach her came hand in hand with her continuing evolution into the mysterious and taciturn person that everyone knows. For Jack, who has been with Tia his entire life, this is normal. He has no trouble reading his sister's moods.

He did, however, know that something big was happening. Shane was always busy Tia was doing whatever it was that she was doing. In his desperation to help he came to Mr. King himself and tried to find a way to make himself useful. In spite of his emotional problems, he always has been the sort who would do much for the sake of someone he sees as a strong role model.

The Invasion

A method by which he might prove himself useful to Mr. King's plans presented itself.

Jack came to the world's attention as the final and possibly most violent victim of possession by Corvus Hawk, the FMian criminal. Associated with the efforts of Gemini Spark to break the world, Jack came very close to getting killed simply because trying to save him might have damned the planet in the process. By some miracle, however, he survived.

The Aftermath

The experience of FMian possession and its aftermath is normally a cathartic experience for a person, the madness of an alien star-thing dwelling in their mind feeding on their despair allowing them a certain amount of respite from their troubles afterwards.

Jack's emotional problems run far, far deeper and far, far older than his possession by Corvus Hawk. He remains troubled to this day. At times he seems to be a bundle of nervous energy looking for somewhere to release itself. At other times he's so sullen that attempting to get anything out of him is virtually impossible.

Since his liberation from Corvus Hawk, Jack has continued his pattern of getting ejected from school after school, usually as a consequence of an inability to cope with other people his age. Many teens see him as strange and disquieting, particularly those from more stable homes. He has issues related to trusting others, particularly adults, which do not help his relationship with teachers.

Perspective is the only gift he gained from Corvus Hawk's stay, but perspective is a poor gift when you have no tools with which to make use of it.


  • No one over the age of 20 is to be trusted.
    • Except Tia.
      • And Shane
  • He warned you about those Cubas, bro, he warned you.

Cut Scenes

There Are No Brakes - Jack always was bad at reading the manual.


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