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Jack Krauser
Jack Krauser.png
Personal Information
Real Name Jack Krauser
Code Name Smilin' Jack
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Birth Date Sometime in 2194.
Serial Number ERASED - Listed as KIA
Email None
Faction Grave
Function Troubleshooter
Assignment The Woods
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Special Operations/Wet Works
Secondary Specialty Hunting trips
Weapons Breakdown compound bow w/200 lbs draw, Art of Defense Mark IV Nerpium Dagger - stained black.
Primary Double Kick
Type Physical
Secondary Arrow Trick Shot
Type Blade
Buster Colors Dark Green & Black
OOC Information
Game Resident Evil 4
Voice Actor Jim Ward (His voice actor from RE4)
Theme Song 'Blood Red Sandman' - Lordi

Character Data

"I intend to bring order and balance to this insane world of ours."


Jack Krauser was born to be a soldier. Even though the United States was not a military power in the early 23rd century, Krauser pursued an aggressive course to get into the service. In his teens, he started a program of grueling cross-training to prepare his body for the rigors of military life. Krauser's intense focus led him rapidly up through the ranks, passing through rigorous training programs by sheer guts and determination. In a few short years, he become one of the most elite human soldiers in the world, and earned praise from his superiors for his courage and ingenuity. Having gained the attention of people in high places, Krauser found himself being offered an opportunity to become part of Black SHIELD. Krauser saw an opportunity to further challenge himself and joined the conspiracy, becoming part of a much larger, more dangerous world. He's loved every minute of it, now finding himself in Nebula's employ after the collapse of Weil's Neo Arcadia. A soldier's soldier, Krauser coldly assesses what needs to be done and does it without remorse, no matter how horrible it may be. Some would call him a sociopath, but Krauser sees himself as a professional doing a necessary task other people are too squeamish to do. He is highly skilled at close-quarters combat, specializing in knife fighting. Krauser is also a bow hunter, and prides himself on being able to live off the land for an indefinite period.


Desert Combat, Melee Combat (Knives), Military Science, Military Strategy, Languages (English, Spanish, German), Heavy Weapons, Jungle Combat, Martial Arts (MCMAP), Small Arms, Special Forces Training, Squad Tactics, Urban Combat, If The Word 'Combat' Is After It, Yes, I Do That, Jerk Jock, Evil(er) Ted Nugent