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James Houseman IV
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Black SHIELD
Function Number 0: The Emperor
Technical Specifications
Primary KORONA Solution
Type Electric Energy
Buster Colors White & Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman Mush
Theme Song

Character Data

"What cost is too high for a new world?"


James Houseman IV was the architect of the modern age. He was the successor to generations of cultivated political and economic power in Britain stretching back to the Industrial Revolution. James went to the best schools and made crucial political alliances, becoming first a brilliant lawyer, then a master politician. He married well, having two sons, and gradually became one of the most powerful power brokers in the United Nations. Through James' efforts, numerous important pieces of legislation were passed into law over his lengthy career. He enjoyed widespread popularity among his constituents for his ability to bring key government contracts back to the United Kingdom. James was also his fathers successor within Black SHIELD, an organization that had made itself into the true one world government. After the natural death of his father, James fought his way up within the syndicate with ruthless determination. His toils put him in power during a critical moment in human history; the Sigma Virus was spreading across the world, seemingly sealing the doom of human civilization. Fearing the worst, James used his great power to attempt to destroy all that humanity had created in an effort to save humanity itself. His efforts failed, and he perished in his struggle to save the world. James Houseman IV remains a controversial figure, generally portrayed as a villain, but often appropriated by pro-human movements as a tragic hero because of the hardships his family faced after his death.


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