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Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender Female
Birth Date April 20th, 2208
Faction Unified Army
Function The Exquisite Lotus
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Martial Arts
Secondary Specialty Traditional Medicine
Weapons Empty Hand, War Panda
Primary Chakra Supremacy
Type Physical
Secondary Force Realignment
Type Physical
Buster Colors White & Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 5
Theme Song

Character Data

"Our Mother Earth has nothing but love for us."


Jasmine's kindness and empathy is not merely an act to draw in the enemy. Born as the daughter of a prestigious Geisha in Kyoto, Jasmine's Strider genetics weren't discovered until she had already begun her formal training beneath her mother. Jasmine was eventually given to Meio after an agreement was reached between Jasmine's mother and the Grandmaster. The terms of this arrangement are not known to Jasmine, who was taken from her home and put into training in the mountains under the iron hand of Dark Miyabi. Years of brutal training honed Jasmine and her (surviving) comrades into remorseless human weapons. During her training, Jasmine took to the study of traditional medicine, eventually leading her to become the field medic for her comrades. Gifted with animals, Jasmine was also assigned to care for the temple's war pandas, eventually being given her favorite to use as her personal mount. Jasmine's combat focus was on empty hand techniques, preferring to use force redirection and targeted strikes on pressure points to bring down her opponents rather than using weapons. A gentle spirit, Jasmine dislikes needless suffering but will kill without hesitation when it is required. Jasmine often clashes with Salome, who she struggles to "civilize" into a more proper woman.


Animal Wrangling (War Panda), Close Quarters Combat, Covert Operations, Languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian), Medicine (Traditional Chinese), Profession (Geisha), Always Looks Immaculate Even In Combat (Or God Help You, She'll Get MAD), Great Cook, Ninja Geisha, Ouroboros' Yamato Nadeshiko, Go On, Try To Hate Her, It Won't Work, Anti-Cinnamon Weapon




Cut Scenes