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Javelin Whitetail
Personal Information
Real Name Fianait
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Faction Mavericks
Function Patron Saint of Traitors
Technical Specifications
Primary Sharp Pointy Stick
Type Blade
Secondary Chronic Backstab Disorder
Type Blade
Buster Colors White & Chrome
OOC Information
Game Megaman Mush
Theme Song

Character Data

"Such human arrogance. Who do you think you are?"


Fianait's life began in 2214, a unique reploid created to be a classical musician and composer. Jumpstarting her career after her creator's death in 2215, she made her world debut as 'Javelin Whitetail' and promptly began making trouble for everyone that ever came into contact with her. Spirited and temperamental, Javelin sought direct inspiration for her music, a desire that eventually led her to wander through Maverick-controlled Europe and begin providing compositions to the Coalition for Reploid Freedom. Her close ties with Sigma continued to stain her record over the next several years -- aided by her outright assistance in Viral Sigma's return -- and eventually Javelin joined Interpol in an attempt to prove herself clean. Inevitably, she betrayed the international police, decimating the organization and willingly joining the Mavericks under the name 'Fianait'. Outfitted for combat by Dr. Doppler and Sigma, Fianait began a short-lived reign of madness that began with slaughtering the Irish Parliament and ended with the murder of James Houseman V's family. Kidnapping Neige in an attempt to broadcast a mass spread of the Sigma Virus through music, an insane Fianait was killed on 4 August 2219 by the newly-forged Kraft. An unknown party collected Fianait's remains and entombed them in Ireland, where the grave continues to be defaced on a regular basis.


Cut Scenes