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Jensen Moretz
Personal Information
Real Name Jensen Moretz
Code Name Shadowgeist
Race Strider
Gender Male
Creator/s ???, Gwen Moretz
Birth Date November 10, 2195
Serial Number None
Email None
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Fist
Function Shocker Rider
Assignment Khazak City
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Vigilante Justice
Secondary Specialty Boxing
Weapons Bare hands, kinetic blasts, Geist Blades
Primary Government of Darkness
Type Combo Force
Secondary Shadow Kick
Type Melee Force
Buster Colors White & Yellow
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Kevin Conroy
Theme Song CALABRESE - Wanna Be A Vigilante

Character Data

"It takes power to make a difference."


Jensen Moretz is a real believer in Ouroboros' cause. After bouncing about for years through the Russian underground, he finally found where he belonged, serving the greater good of Ouroboros and China. An outgoing, confident Strider, he approaches most problems with a broad smile and some well-spoken words, knowing well that a battle you never need to fight is the best sort of battle. However, when words just wont do the trick, Jensen dons his suit of power armor, transforming into the powerful Shadowgeist in order to break the foes of Ouroboros under his heel!


He Asked For This, Unbeknownst To Ben Kavinsky, Shadowgeist Is Secretly His Long-Lost Older Brother Jensen Moretz, Who Ran Away From Home Years Ago!


Maybe later.


  • Jensen runs an orphanage in Beijing as a day job. It recently moved to Kazakh.
  • One of Jensen's many exs, Faina Sokolov, is currently putting his little brother Ben Kavinsky up in her apartment. Faina is a survivalist and a paranoid Jensen met during his terrorist days, meaning she knows how to go underground should someone try and murder Ben with extreme prejudice.