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Jet Stingray
Jet Stingray.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Jet 'Cool' Stingray. The middle name was self given.
Code Name Code name? Jet don't need no stinkin' code name!
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Serial Number JSD-LGM-233-47-9823
Faction Unified Army
Function Marine Assault
Assignment Atlantis Defense
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty High Speed Marine Assualt
Secondary Specialty Stress Management Expert (Party Guy)
Primary Ground Hunter
Type Explosive
Secondary Hienkyaku
Type Force
Buster Colors Lavender & Sky Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman X4
Theme Song

Character Data

"If you wanna fight me, first you've gotta catch me!"


Originally a reploid lifeguard and high speed coastal patrol unit, Jet Stingray joined Repliforce after a large scale Maverick attack on the US West Coast. While no longer one of the 'youngest' Repliforcers, Jet is still lovable, honorable, as well as friendly, which makes him popular friend in and out of the Repliforce. Despite the fact that he has never publicly shown his face, Jets quite the flirt. Claiming himself to be the 'Stingray of Love', he actually has a large following of fans. Using his ability as the fastest thing underwater, Jet Stingray has made a name for himself in the racing world and gotten wealthy from it, having won the Battle and Chase Water Race multiple times and become a sports star. Despite this laid back attitude, in battle he can be a fierce foe and use tactics when it suits him or he feels he must. When at top speed, he can leap from the water and glide over the surface for a short distance. In battle, Ground Hunters are small, explosive packed stingray missiles that can travel along the ocean floor or skim along the surface at a high rate of speed. His weapon is not as useful on dry land, and his jet engines overheat if he flies too long.


Stingray of Justice, Knowledge: Water Racing, Fair Play, Stingray of Love, Knowledge: Naval Battles, Life of the Party, Trained by Anthem: Fear!, Dating People He Isnt Supposed To, Knowledge: Avoiding Responsibility, Getting In Over His Head, Whats Behind that Faceplate, Anyway?, Hopeless Romantic, Official Repliforce Hotshot, Stingray of Multiple Endorsements Contracts, Official Repliforce Hotshot, Stingray of <Fill In The Blank>, The Worlds Most Eligible Stingray, Sexiest Mech Alive