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Jewel Man
Jewel Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date April 11, 2222
Serial Number DWN-069
Faction Robot Masters
Function Robotic Perfection
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Being Beyond Perfect
Secondary Specialty Jewel/Mineral Manufacturing
Weapons Gems, Perfect-Fu, and Cheap Tricks
Primary Jewel Satellite
Type Force Physical
Secondary Jumping Higher Than You
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman 9
Theme Song

Character Data

"You need to be looking at *me*."


Jewel Man is a very shiny robot and would like you to know more about him. Supposedly designed to fabricate artificial stones and minerals for Wily's various schemes, Jewel Man constantly seeks out attention from others. Narcissistic and egomaniacal, Jewel Man believes he is the best robot ever constructed. Jewel Man is compelled to show his superiority in every way, whether it involves jumping higher than his opponents or bludgeoning them down with huge gemstones. Jewel Man's belief in his own awesomeness is completely unrelated to reality, with every setback, loss or failure being the result of the environment, other people, or some other sort of unfairness that obscures his true glory. Jewel Man's "false perfection" is a source of irritation to Plug Man, who Jewel Man delights in taunting when not marveling at his own beauty.


Jewel Manufacturing, Being Shinier Than Everyone, Being Totally Awesome, Behold, I Am Here!, Look At How Well I Do Everything, Don't You Wish You Were Me?, I Have Dexterous Fingers, Don't You Want To Know More About Those?, Look At Me When I'm In The Room, I Am Not Like Gemini Man At All, He's Old And Busted, I Am New And Shiny




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