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Jill Valentine
Jill Valentine.png
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Birth Date <Classified>
Serial Number N/A
Faction Unified Army
Function Operative
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Field Operations
Secondary Specialty Unlocking
Weapons S.T.A.R.S. Custom Beretta
Primary Anti-Tank Gun
Type Explosive
Secondary Jab Punch
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Resident Evil
Theme Song

Character Data

"The wounds may heal, but memories last for a lifetime."


An excellent and intelligent member of S.T.A.R.S., Jill has been the savior of more than one of her co-member's from danger in the past. Jill Valentine has worked her way up in this organization due to a propensity for accepting unusual and dangerous assignments. She is the top of her division in hand to hand, a top of the line marksman, and excels in the use of special mechanical devices like lockpicks. Jill has strong moral convictions, and fights hard for what she believes in. While her fiery spirit makes her an incredibly dangerous foe to anyone who finds themselves in her crosshairs, she is only human, which in a world of hyperpowered robots can often leave her at a physical disadvantage. She has passable knowledge in many eclectic non-combat skills, such as chemistry and music.


Hand-to-Hand Combat, Fortuitiously Happening Upon the Most Useful Weaponry, Carrying a Surprising Amount of Items, Playing the Moonlight Sonata, Only Freaking Out a Little In Weird Circuimstances, Between-Sequal Sudden Haircuts, MASTER OF UNLOCKING