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Joko de Lagos
Ascended Mook
Ascended Mook
Personal Information
Real Name ???
Code Name Joko de Lagos
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Birth Date January 27th 2200
Faction Unified Army
Function Bandit Prince
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Soldier
Secondary Specialty Pirate
Weapons Lots of Guns, Lots of Daggers
Primary Right Behind You
Type Blade
Secondary Goldeneye Shot
Type Physical
Buster Colors Black & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money

Character Data

"The price of everything in this world is the amount of effort you're willing to put into acquiring it."


Joko de Lagos is a mysterious pirate from Africa. Not much is known about his origins or true identity, but he's spent the last 13 years passing through organizations, changing his identity, and moving on. Anti-Robot Master and Maverick guerilla groups, criminal organizations, anti-bioweapon groups during the zombie outbreak, and others. Ultimately he struck out on his own to become a pirate, growing tired of being in a constant cycle of war, and eventually joined up with Nephilim as an anonymous benefactor for a few years. But now he contributes his exceptional cybernetic-enhanced combat skills to the faction, as well as his stealth, enthusiasm for theft, and expert security skills, including hacking. He juggles multiple causes, most not even known to his allies. Coming from him, secrets aren't a surprise, as he isn't very open about his past at all. He does have a very chill attitude, but has a ridiculous attention to detail when it comes to any sort of work. His most common combat tactic is literally stabbing and shooting people in the back, which can be an unsettling trait in an ally, but he's not known for breaking oaths or promises. He always introduces himself as Joko de Lagos, the Bandit Prince, and perhaps that's all anyone really needs to know.


Improbable Marksman, Quickdraw, Trick Shots, 10d6 Sneak Attack, Trapfinding, Cloaking Device, Crazy Stealth, Hax, GoldenEye, Featuring Sight Beyond Sight, Also One Real Eye, Languages (American-English, Yoruba, Hausa), Prince of Thieves, Radical Fashion, Six Feet Five Inches Tall, And You Can't Teach That, Killer Tattoos, Eccentric Hair, Guerilla Tactics, Black Market Expert, Off-Planet Account, Too Much Chill, De La Soul, Hit List, Attention to Detail, Gun Collection, Dagger Collection, Bomb Collection, Fancy Ammo, Charity, Ascended Mook, Piracy, Yo Ho Ho, Everything is Free


This is IC information. It can be searched by anyone willing to do such an intensive investigation of government records (multiple governments), but not a simple internet search. So hackers and people with access to the listed government records.

United Nations: Facial recognition will bring up multiple hits for anti-Maverick guerilla groups dating back to 2019. It's difficult to say if he was in any such groups earlier, as there are no hits. He still has an eyepatch, but his hair was significantly shorter and tied back at the time, still dyed its current sandy blonde color. Any photos are photos of him helping defend against Mavericks, likely taken by civilians and confiscated.

Searches of the name Joko de Lagos in full bring up nothing except modern records of piracy and stealing. The name Joko brings his name up with random Triad and Yakuza groups as simple muscle, but no photos.

China: Facial recognition will bring up confiscated civilian photos of him struggling against BOWs in groups. In some photos he's simply staring and relaying information behind groups. The photos date to 2221. He's wearing full anti-BOW gear worn by one of many anti-BOW guerilla groups at the time.

Joko de Lagos brings up nothing beyond modern piracy records. The name Joko brings up Triad and Yakuza groups. Additional information will reveal failed attempts to rise in the ranks, and a few notes:

"Skills: Weak kung-fu. Tattoo cybernetics. Teleports. Anatomy expert. No honor."

"Resources: None. Fancy thug."

Greymalkin: Some mercenaries in Greymalkin may or may not have seen someone who looks like him in random battles after 2215 to roughly 2221. Never with tattoos. Usually fighting Mavericks, Robot Master drones, or BOWs. His looks have changed significantly over the years (and he's grown up a lot), so identification from memory would be difficult, but he might seem familiar.

Others: Using resources such as hacking and connections, the above information can likely be acquired. But it's not stuff anyone would find in a search engine. Ask the relevant government if you can hack or pull strings to get such information! If you try to hack Joko's email, let me know, a battle will ensue (There's nothing special in there, but it's fun anyway).


  • Tons of guns.
  • Tons of daggers.
  • Sometimes steals rare things with no tactical value.
  • Can shoot the wings off a fly.
  • Wants to kill a certain person. Doesn't know who it is.
  • Wants to kill a certain person. Does know who he is.
  • Doesn't care about fame.
  • But feels pretty entitled to a certain thing.
  • Fought in a lot of major conflicts as a simple mook.
  • Has two brain implants. What could the other be?!
  • Doesn't give a fuck, usually.
  • Has a bunch of secret goals.
  • Knows bastardized kung-fu.
  • Prefers to sneak attack.
  • Pragmatic.
  • Hates fighting competent people.
  • The Art of War
  • Can see multiple spectrums of light, including x-ray, infrared, and others.


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