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Jon Talbain
Hungry Like The...
Hungry Like The...
Personal Information
Real Name Jonathon Gallon Talbain
Code Name Jon
Race Werewolf
Gender Male
Creator/s Baraba Kreutz & Anne Talbain
Birth Date Unknown
Faction Independent
Function Martial Arts Hobo
Technical Specifications
Primary Mirage Body
Type Blade
Secondary Dragon Cannon
Type Energy
Buster Colors Grey and Violet
OOC Information
Game Darkstalkers
Voice Actor Alvin Sanders
Theme Song [[theme::The Lonely Man - The Incredible Hulk]]

Character Data

"You could never understand what is is like to live in fear of losing yourself..."


The child of a human woman and a father he never met, Jon Talbain has spent his entire life with the curse of lycanthropy. A loner and a wanderer, he's lived much of his life away from humanity, not wanting to expose others to his curse or accidentally hurt one of them when the moon is full and he's compelled to transform. He's walked the Earth for years, learning martial arts to hone his physical skills and mental resolve, helping where he can but never settling in one place for long. As fully in control of his powers as any werewolf can be, Talbain can transform at will, using the full power of his lycanthropic form in concert with his martial arts prowess to devastating effect. Though noble in spirit, Talbain is a bit reluctant to make friends, afraid that he might lose control and hurt someone.


Martial Arts Master, Wandering Mystic, Father Issues, Protective, Doesn't Even Know How Old He Is, Walks The Earth, Hitchhiking Along The Highway At The End Of Every Episode, In Touch With The Ground, Smells Like He Sounds, Lost In The Crowd, Struts On A Line, It's Discord And Rhyme, He Howls And He Whines, Mouth Is Alive, All Running Inside


Jon Talbain Human.png

Jon Talbain is not sure how old he is. He's been wandering the roads for many years, learning the intricacies of martial arts and testing his skills against others. He helps out where he can, but he never stays in one place for long, and never during the full moon.

What little of his past he can remember is his mother. She was a normal human, and his father a werewolf. He doesn't even know his parents' names. Abandoned by his father, his mother died shortly after his birth, leaving Jon in the care of an orphanage. He looked out for himself, and was a relatively normal child until puberty, when his curse began to take hold of him. Running away, Jon slowly learned what he was, teaching himself how to control it, a process that seemed to take years.

From that point on he's wandered, searching the earth for truth and peace, looking for word of his long-lost father and seeking out others of his kind. Those he can he tries to protect, teaching them to control their curse as best they can. He was attempting to do this with Damian Wolfe, but the gardener's reluctance to learn had become a point of contention between them.


  • One of a long line of wandering karate hobos.
  • Only transforms when he needs to.