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Junk Man
Junk Man.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Junk Man
Code Name Junk Man
Race Android
Gender male
Birth Date Unknown
Serial Number DWN-50
Faction Robot Masters
Function Waste Disposal
Assignment Weaponize Washers
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Waste Disposal
Secondary Specialty Robotics
Weapons Junk, electromagnetics, and brawling
Primary Junk Shield
Type Force Physical
Secondary Electromagnetic Arm
Type Force
Buster Colors Light Blue & Dark Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman 7
Voice Actor Jamie Hyneman
Theme Song

MM7 - Forgotten Factory (Junk's Stage Theme)

               ----Dare to Be Stupid - Weird Al Yankovic
----God's Away on Business - Tom Waits

Character Data

"One must understand, junk is not garbage; it is merely that which has been left to gather dust until someone finds use in it once again."


Junk Man is a lumbering mountain of an android, topping eleven feet tall and four and a half feet wide. Possessing somewhat of an electromagnetic personality, Junk Man, while believing himself to be quite clever, is often aggressive and touchy. He usually prefers to solve problems with brute force, be it with his electromagnetic claw, fists or something big and heavy like a wrench. Originally created to work Wily's scrapyards procuring useful parts to make and/or repair androids and drones, Junk Man was modified for combat and repairs in a night of drunken stupor. He gets the majority of his defenses from the fact that most of his body is just scrap; he doesn't feel pain, so he keeps going until he literally falls to pieces. As he's partially able to convert alcohol into energy, Junk's also a dreadful alcoholic, stinking of grime and stale mechfluid, and, due to shorts in his amalgamated wiring, has a perpetual slew of stutters, skips and shorts in his speech. Further, with the touchy and rather temperamental calibration of his electromagnetic claw that generates the electromagnetic field that helps keep him together, Junk is quite vulnerable to electrical currents, almost comically so.


Falling To Pieces, Depleting The Stores of WilyBeer, Radio Sass, Jumping Really High And Throwing Around Junk, Petitioning To Be The Next Host On Junkyard Wars, Building Crazy Scrap Metal Contraptions, Scrap Metal Artist, Hitting Things With Wrenches Until They Work, The Engineer, Also The Medic




Cut Scenes