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Personal Information
Real Name Kain
Code Name Kain
Race Strider
Gender Male
Birth Date April 4, 2191
Serial Number Unknown
Email Unknown
Function The Bright Sunshine
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty The Righteous Kill
Secondary Specialty The Necessary Kill
Weapons The Earth Cipher.
Primary Earth Cipher
Type Blade
Secondary Illusion Stance
Type Physical
Buster Colors Navy Blue & Sky Blue
OOC Information
Game Strider
Theme Song

Character Data

"A superior man must be righteous and benevolent."


Kain is a man who strives to be righteous in the service of Grandmaster Meio. His previous unhappiness came from his struggle to meet Confucian ideals while operating within Matic's mercenary organization. Kain's internal conflict ultimately led to the ruinous civil war between the Red and Blue Striders, and later the seeming annihilation of a generation of practicing Striders. Kain apparently died in battle against Dynamo in 2216, but in reality was saved from death by the agents of the Grandmaster. Kain was reborn through Meio's genetic mastery, and came to realize his life's work was to serve the Ouroboros organization. Kain sees Meio as a man who is working to create the ideal Confucian society, and serves him with absolute loyalty. An honorable and fair man, Kain always keeps his word, though he has learned to give it rarely. Kain lives a very spartan existence by choice, despite having access to Meio's vast resources. Kain is unfailingly kind to children and dogs, and has a special fondness for romantic dramas. Kain would seem to be an unlikely friend of Matic, but the two men are as close as brothers despite being radically different. Matic regularly picks on Kain for his "softness", but Kain's gentle touch disappears on the battlefield. Kain fights as hard as Matic or any other Strider under Meio's command, and does not hesitate to kill any enemy that will not surrender.


Martial Arts: Assassin's Fist, Swordsmanship, Physical Training, Confucian Gentleman, Philosophy: Zen Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Shaolin, History: Striders, Strider Lore, Secret Pressure Points, Inner Chi Manipulation, Mentorship, Education: Oxford University, Background: Toff, Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, Thai, Indonesian, French Toast, Waffles