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Kaust Losstaret
Original Character Do Not Steal
Original Character Do Not Steal
Personal Information
Real Name Unknown
Code Name Kaust Losstaret
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Creator/s His Parents
Birth Date Unknown
Death Unknown
Faction Presumed Dead
Divisions Children of Eve/Robot Masters
Function Cult Leader
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Anarchist
Primary Anarchy's Cry
Type Explosive
Secondary Soul Rend
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Vagrant Story. There, I said it.
Theme Song

Character Data

"Some men complacently accept knowledge as truth. They are sheep, ruled by fear."


A truly twisted cyborg, Kaust lives only to further his own ambition. His true name is unknown and his past is shaded in mystery. Possessing seemingly inhuman charisma and intelligence he has founded several small cults across the world, persuading his followers to devote both mind and body to him. His true goals are unknown, although he harbors a strong dislike for all artificial life, believing humans to be the truly superior race. A master of psychology, Losstaret is able to discern the finest details of an individual merely by observing their mannerisms. Considered by many authorities to be one of the most dangerous non-Master or Maverick forces in the world. When threatened Kaust usually falls back upon his charisma or keen insight into the psyches of others. When that fails he relies about his cybernetic enhancements, which include a number of weapons built directly into his claws. His primary weakness is his boundless ambition, pride, and overconfidence.


The Rules Of Fight, Slinking In The Shadows, Cult Leadership, Human Superiority, Psychology, Not Being Ed Norton, Not Being Brad Pitt, Knowledge: Occult Technology, Anarchy


  • Missing, Presumed Dead


Cut Scenes


Preserved for historical relevance and so we never forget how badly ripped off a lot of our old characters were.