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Kelly McLaren
Personal Information
Real Name Kelly McLaren
Race Human
Gender Female
Faction Independent
Function UN Secretary General
Technical Specifications
Primary Pistol
Type Explosive
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"Steadfast stances and devotion to yourself will prevail."


Elected Secretary-General of the United Nations, and thereby the default ruler of most of the Earth, Kelly McLaren is a lady who doesn't take her responsibility lightly. Both a shrewd politician and a passionate leader, her trademark tenacity has helped her win many victories that others had thought impossible - including her election to Secretary General. Tireless in her work to make life better for human and reploid alike, she is trapped between the problem of keeping her own political life intact and saving the world, not only from Robot Masters and Mavericks, but from itself. While compassionate, she has little mercy for those she sees as being wrong and refuses to cater to the criminal and the warlike.


  • 2216-06-06: Before the Public Eye - Chest invites Senator Maria Romero of Spain, along with Abernathy and Secretary General McLaren, over to have a mannerly debate on some of Romero's recent press conferences.

Cut Scenes