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Kelvin Stelar
Kelvin Stelar.jpg
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Birth Date 2184
Serial Number 342-66-2224
Email spaceisawesome@ama.ken
Faction Versus
Function Astronaut
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Space Explorer
Secondary Specialty Husband and Father
Weapons Nearby Gadgets
Primary Space Macguyver
Type Energy
Secondary Stelar Panch!
Type Physical
Buster Colors Blue & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force
Theme Song

Character Data

"For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love."


Kelvin Stelar has always sought the light of the stars. A dreamer, Kelvin only saw school as being useful for learning more about the night sky. His relentless desire to go to the stars eventually saw him turn his grades around to get into the University of Chicago to pursue his astrophysics degree. Kelvin met his wife in college, but settling down was out of the question. Kelvin was employed by UNSA after finishing his degree, where he met his professional rival and best friend, Aaron Boreal. Kelvin's dreaming clashed with Aaron's desire to physically build the future, but the two worked together with incredible synergy. Kelvin stayed behind when Aaron went off to found AMAKEN, becoming one of the head scientists on Project Brother. It was on Project Brother that Kelvin met Omega-Xis, who saved his life when the station was destroyed by Dr. Wily. Determined to work for peace, Kelvin used Omega-Xis' power to make his way back to Planet FM, becoming Hercules Juggernaut so to fight his way into the esteem of King Cepheus. With his belief in the essential goodness of humanity driving him onward, Kelvin's belief in his ultimate success never faltered. After giving up his power to save Omega-Xis' life, Kelvin retired from the UNSA to work with his friends at AMAKEN. Empathic and warm, Kelvin's infectious passion for astrophysics and exploration can affect even the most hard-hearted audiences.


Astrophysics, Astronomy, Radioastronomy, Badass Bookworm, Used To Be a Genius Bruiser, Science Hero, Science Evangelist, Stopped Being An Ancient So To Be A Dad And Husband, Such Things He Saw, But None So Beautiful As His Family, DENPA RADIATION


Kelvin Stelar was born in 2184, but as Kelvin likes to maintain: one is only as old as they feel; in which case: twenty-two years old. He went to school in Chicago, but his early years at Echo Ridge high were kinda a waste of time, in his opinion, until he realized that he had to get good grades to become an astronaut, then he really applied himself and especially excelled at math and science.

Kelvin graduated from high school and attended the University of Chicago in 2202, majoring in mathematics, astronomy, and physics. He would graduate a year ahead of schedule, having worked his butt off (he was very excited to get into the field of astrophysics and radioastronomy). However, it was also at the University of Chicago, in 2203 that he would meet his future best friend in the world, Hope. While Kelvin is definitiely the 'do things first, ask questions later' kind of scientist, Hope tempers his brash inclinations with a soft, soothing touch. To quote, their chemistry is undeniable. They really do love each other.

After graduating from the University of Chicago, and marrying his best friend, Hope, Kelvin was almost immediately snatched up by UNSA to start work on interstellar space exploration, a field of great interest to Kelvin. Not even hesitating a little bit, and much to the chagrin of his rival, Aaron Boreal, Kelvin dived right into the gnitty gritty of what it would mean to be an astronaut. UNSA saw potential in Kelvin and put him through the paces to train him for the inevitable last frontier: Space.

When Project Brother finally received the go-ahead from the higher ups, it was like a dream come true for Kelvin. He couldn't wait to tell his wife and his young son, George. While this did bring a little tension to the family: they wouldn't see him for probably several years once Project Brother was launched to the astroid belt, they were still happy for him and supported him the entire time.

Kelvin's time on Project Brother was both the worst and best time of his life. The best, because, his dreams of exploring the reaches of space and pioneering the latest and greatest exploration endeavor for Earth, the worst because he was away from his family, and even more worse when Wily took over Project Brother to broadcast his own version of the Morpheus Protocol.

Seeing Dr. Wily's Robot Masters kill all of his friends and colleagues on Project Brother is perhaps one of the worst memories that Kelvin has had in all of his life. To this day, he does not like talking about it, and has had to go to counseling to process through these feelings and problems. Forgiveness had always come easily to Kelvin, always having hope in people and believing that they can always change. People are not set in their ways like mathematics. People are not mathematical problems, but a complex life form who has limitless possibilities of encountering Beauty. However, after watching Wily and his goons mercilessly butcher his friends because they were there at the wrong place, at the wrong time, Kelvin wonders if he is too naive in his more darker moments.

However, the best of all this was that he had the awesome opportunity to meet an entirely new life form that experienced reality in a totally new and different way: Energy! Pure, wave-length, energy. And it called itself Omega-Xis. The two became good friends with one another, they began to share with one another their understandings of reality, and about life on their respective planets. Kelvin explained the situation on Earth, and Omega-Xis shared with Kelvin what it meant to 'live', or rather, exist in the FMian world, and how brutal and tough it was. They tried to brainstorm with one another about how to solve each other's problem, with Omega-Xis constantly suggesting that Kelvin should eat all the problems, and Kelvin explaining that the FMians should live in peace and unity, two totally different mindsets. This was all interrupted by Wily, as was mentioned before.

Never a man to sit idly by and watch everything go to hell around him, Kelvin immediately set about in his own small ways to rebel against Wily and his Robot Masters. This eventually lead him to making sure that the entire Project Brother platform detonated, so that Wily's plans would ultimately fail. Kelvin was /supposed/ to get out of the base with just enough time to get on the shuttle, but unknown to him Shadow Man had sabotaged the shuttle, and once it took off, it exploded in front of all to see. For all appearances, Kelvin Stelar was lost to the world in trying to save it.

However, having seen his act of heroism, Omega-Xis turned Kelvin into a Wave Form and got him off the shuttle just in time to save his life. Kelvin, having discovered a new form of existence, was amazed. Omega-Xis had shared with him just what FMians were, and what they intended to do to the Earth. Omega-Xis was ready to send him back to the Earth to help him fight the on-coming FMians, but Kelvin argued with him, thinking on his "feet" (if he still had feet in that state).

He told Omega-Xis to send Kelvin to the FMian world, light years away, and he would see what he could do to try and convince the FMians that humanity was not a threat, but he asked that Omega-Xis not reveal his fate just yet, in order to protect the plan that he had in mind. In the end, Kelvin was mentally strong enough to resist Omega-Xis and the FMian agreed to let Kelvin go.

Thus, Omega-Xis and Kelvin went their separate ways. Omega-Xis was sent to Earth, and Kelvin was sent into the alien world of the FMians, unsure of what he might find, but certain that he would have to do /something/ to save the planet and family he loves. As a new AMian with a hint of Omega-Xis's power, Kelvin immediately set out in this strange new world exploring and finding things out that he couldn't even imagine.

To say that life was brutal, short, and full of pain on the FMian world is really an underestimation. Not even a few 'minutes' (time is hard to gauge as a pure energy being) after he arrived, some giant FMian tried to eat him and absorb his power. Thankfully, Kelvin is not a slow thinker, and he was able to use his new found powers to defeat, but not just that, /consume/ the power of the FMian that tried to eat him, and he found that he became strong. An idea started in his head, something crazy, maybe impossible, but something he had to try. He would need to fight his way to the top of the food chain of the FMian world, become the strongest, best, and uncontested warrior in the cosmos in order to get into the good graces of King Cepheus, to work from the inside to save the planet Earth, this side of solid matter.

While Kelvin did not enjoy killing other beings and consuming their power, he did what he had to do in order to survive and become the next and greatest warrior to gain his boon from King Cepheus. Kelvin had a distinct advantage over all the FMians: He understood math, and understood it in a way that he could immediately break the rules of physics on a whim. Kelvin was, perhaps one of the stronger FMians on the FM Planet, which was why he was able to climb to the top of the gladiatorial food chain. He did not consider the FMians to be his mortal enemies. He only killed when he had to, and tried to negotiate when he didn't have to fight, mostly by having the biggest stick in the room.

In the end, Kelvin gave up his powers as Hercules Juggernaut to save the life of Omega-Xis when Gemini Spark tried to obliterate Omega-Xis. He called in his boon with King Cepheus, had Gemini Spark consumed, and saved his friend and his son's partner, Omega-Xis, by giving the AMian back his power. Afterwards, he rejoined his family, was debriefed by the government, and joined up with his friend Aaron Boreal at AMAKEN, retiring from UNSA, to continue his research and work.

Working for Amaken over the last five years, since returning back home, has been rewarding. However, Kelvin, again, has started to grow restless. Working on new ways of transporting goods from asteroids and planetary colonies is fun (the math is freaking amazing, to use his exact quote), but there is hole that the departure of Hercules Juggernaut has left in Kelvin's existence. His family and friends are still very important to him, and they do fulfill him, but he still feels his destiny lies more than just the mundane. This is why Versus has caught Kelvin's attention. There are scientists who are daring, adventurous and willing to push the limits of their dreams without compromising the little guy. Now that George (Geo) has graduated high school and is well into his college years, and with the agreement of his wife, Hope, Kelvin has applied to work at Versus in any fields to do with radio astronomy, astrophysics, Dual Avatar Applications (math), or anything to do with Space, really. He also hopes to contribute to the continuing discussion of the FMian and AMian interactions and culture.


  • Kelvin is deeply committed to his family. Sometimes he may go missing, but they are always on his mind or his priority.
  • HUGE Chicago sports team fan. Often will go into manic celebrations or depressive states depending on how his teams are doing.
  • While he may not do spatial calculations on the fly anymore (being limited by hard material), Kelvin is probably one of the fastest and most accurate mathematicians in his field.
  • Hope Stelar is his foundation and touch stone. If she disapproves, he reigns it in. Thankfully, she respects the dignity of this powerful weapon.
  • Almost borderline obsessive about anything to do with space or space exploration. Can go on for ever talking about it.
  • Will evangelize you on the marvels of science and why you should be excited about it too.
  • He understands the allure of power, the thrill of strength, and the need to let it go. True power does not consist in possessing it, but by knowing when it has to be let go.
  • Often has moments of recalling what it was like being one of the strongest Wave Form beings in the FMian universe. This time of his life is a haze to him now, since he gave that part of himself away entirely.
  • Kelvin often has to check himself when trying to mentor Geo Stelar, his son. He wants nothing more than for his son to be successful and the best at what he does, since now Geo has the advantage of leading humanity to the next stage.

Notable Relations

Hope Stelar.jpg

The star to Kelvin's solar system. The calm to his chaos. The destination to his journey. Hope Stelar is, by far, the closest being in the universe to Kelvin's heart. There is not a moment where the thought does not cross Kelvin's mind, "What would Hope think about this? What would she say?" Some might call it obsessive love, but Kelvin just says, "Some people have their faith. I have my wife. It's a win-win."

They both met each other while studying at the University of Chicago. Hope brought a sense of direction to Kelvin's wild and fantastic dreams. She would listen to his crazy ramblings about his view of the world, and would not laugh at him as though he were crazy. She would offer insights that he had not considered before the fact, and when Kelvin may be overwhelmed by his own enthusiasm, Hope shows him the practical steps to take to make his dream a reality. They hit it off almost immediately while in school, and after Kelvin and her had both finished their undergrad work, they were quickly married. They had not started their family, yet, as they were still very focused on their dreams of their careers. Eventually, as they both progressed in their respective fields, they decided to settle down and expand their family. The fruit of this labor became Geo Stelar.

Now to say that everything has been sunshine and rainbows would be to over-idealize the reality. Hope and Kelvin have their disagreements, mostly around the fact that Kelvin spends a lot of time away from home, but these arguments rarely, if ever, leave either feeling isolated or distant from the other. It is in these discussions that Kelvin feels even MORE attracted to his wife, and respects her tenacity in grounding him back to what is truly important, his family. What often is not discussed is what Hope does for a living, not because Kelvin cannot ask, but because he will not ask. He respects that part of his wife's life, and only makes himself present in that part of her world when she truly needs him to be there.

Being empty-nesters now, Kelvin and Hope have not grown distant, but they have thrown themselves into their own projects. With Hope now working full-time in the Department of Defense, Kelvin has been EXTRA super careful to keep his own nose clean, and respecting his wife's space in that regard.

Kelvin will do ANYTHING for his wife. If she asks, he provides. If she desires, he meets it. There is nothing that Kelvin will not sacrifice if it means providing for or being there for his wife. While she can protect herself, and does not need Kelvin to be the typical "protector," Kelvin has found other means to be there for his wife. Supporting her in her endeavors, and being there for when she needs him.

It would be good to recall, Kelvin gave up the power of the universe to protect his family. That sort of bond is more powerful than any other force in the universe, in Kelvin's estimation.


Being a father to a world-saving hero is a great joy for Kelvin. Yet, sometimes Kelvin lets this fact get ahead of the fact that his son was missing his father for some of the more formative years of his life. A fact that Kelvin often tries to "make-up" after the fact. Luckily, Kelvin has been able to be home for Geo's transition from high school into his adult life. Kelvin is so very proud of his son, but tries to not let this fact cloud Kelvin's own judgment of Geo's need for him to "back-off." Both Geo and Hope were Kelvin's reason for not ever taking the "easy" road in life. Kelvin feels that no sacrifice is too large for the future of his son.

Hope takes care of the more practical aspects of raising their boy. College education, etc. Kelvin, at times, wants his son to have every advantage possible, which may come across as pushing his son too much. Kelvin often needs to remind himself (mostly by Hope's prompting) that his son did not ask for this lot in life. His son, before being swept up into this fantastic and often dangerous lifestyle, had his own aspirations and desires. As his father, Kelvin has to be there to guide (by either advice or by backing off) his son.

Kelvin considers himself lucky to have had the opportunity to "make-up" for lost time with his son, and he counts his lucky stars that he was able to come back when he did to be there for Geo.

  • Aaron Boreal - One of Kelvin's closest friends and colleagues. Both he and Aaron met while working for UNSA, and at first, you would not have thought them as becoming close friends. They had differing viewpoints of how to reach the same goal, and one would have thought they would never see eye to eye. However, it is because of this sort of opposite approaches, Kelvin and Aaron are the perfect pair when it comes to working for the future. Kelvin's fantastic dreaming stands in stark contrast to Aarons hard and concrete practical steps, but it helps them keep each other focused on other important aspects of their work. Since Kelvin is now primarily working for Versus, Aaron has lightened Kelvin's work load at AMAKEN, but he has not removed Kelvin's access. Kelvin and Aaron often spend evenings drinking beer and watching sports on the television.



  • 2229-12-04: Home for the Holidays - Kelvin and Hope decorate the house for the Holidays. Kelvin talks to Hope about his concerns about what working for Versus may demand of him.
  • 2229-12-06: Diving into the Black Hole - Kelvin visits Victor while he is in jail; It goes as well as you'd expect.
  • 2229-12-10: New Horizons - Kelvin reaches out to Alloy to teach him how to action hack so as to better understand Dual Avatar; Alloy gains an apprentice.
  • 2230-01-15: Egg Hunt 3-6 - Versus battles Targent and HYDRA who are in search of another Azran Egg.
  • 2230-01-31: Hell In A TriCell - The Fourth Empire strikes TriCell with the help of the Hand of Makai cult.
  • 2230-04-01: Last Flight Of The Legendary - A stellar anomaly on Ganymede reveals a ship thought long lost - and it's not alone.
  • 2230-08-03: An Exciting Adventure - Versus travels to Mystara on a very important mission. Giants appear! Command?
  • 2231-01-13: Labyrinthia Arrival - Versus and company arrive in Labyrinthia to find Phoenix Wright and Prof. Layton. Everything immediately goes wrong.