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Killer Man
Killer Man.png
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date When the Neo Alpha's were formed
Serial Number DRN-???
Faction Robot Masters
Function Walking Cliché
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Killing.
Secondary Specialty LARPing.
Weapons Scythe, Lasers, Ghosts, wands.
Primary Killer Delete Beam
Type Energy
Secondary Killer Scythe
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 6
Theme Song

Character Data

"My past is tragic! My style is impetuous! I WILL KNOCK YOU ALL DOWN!"


Killer Man proves that you can't keep a bad idea down. Once, this Robot Master was a Robot Overlord named Cliché Man, created by Scott Wily to be a flashy, impressive killing machine. Scott's plans did not work out, and ultimately Cliché Man met his demise ... but lived on in Scott Wily's e-ring computer, which Dr. Wily appropriated by suitably mysterious means. Extracting Cliché Man's data, Dr. Wily radically redesigned him into Killer Man, a Robot Master of suitable deadliness that retained enough of Scott's design aesthetic to once again prove that anything Scott Wily tried to do Albert Wily inevitably does better. Now Killer Man has /two/ tragic pasts he cannot remember, as well as a giant scythe. Killer Man has an advanced optic system that allows him to see through most visual illusions and locate invisible people, as well as to fire eye lasers at said people when they stray too near. Killer Man enjoys terrifying his opponents, but takes special pleasure in frightening those who cannot fight back. Killer Man has no regrets, no restraint and no remorse, and takes pleasure in stalking people solely to make them scream when he chooses to abruptly appear.


Inexplicable Fanboy Gushing, A Man Of Two Lives, Unexplained Cases Of Amnesia, Two Tragic Pasts, One That Happened, One That Didn't, Was This An Obvious Plot Twist?, Better Weapons, Same Old S***




  • 2225-05-21: Wily Hour - Classic - Dr. Wily and friends discuss current events with their usual sensitivity.
  • 2228-03-01: ULTRONQUEST: To Collar a Titan - Slur and the Robot Masters sneak into Asgard during a pitched battle in order to forge an Uru body for Ultron. Someone says nay.
  • 2228-07-25: The 69th Annual Wily Hour - The Robot Masters are at it again with the hard-hitting social commentary. Sonia Strumm has some of her own grievances to air.

Cut Scenes