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The Robot King
Nobody Liked Him
Nobody Liked Him
Personal Information
Real Name King
Code Name We do not need a 'code name.'
Race Android
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Wily
Creation Date May 23, 2213
Faction Robot Masters
Divisions Omega
Function Ruler
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Ruler
Secondary Specialty Sentient
Weapons Axe, Shield
Primary Executioner's Axe
Type Blade
Secondary Royal Shield Blast
Type Energy
Buster Colors Gold & Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman and Bass
Theme Song

Character Data

"By these methods, We shall win both power and glory."


Condescending, conniving, conceited, cruel - all words that could be used to describe the fifth Robot Master Elite, King. Originally one of many contingency plans in the case of Wily's demise, King was accidentally activated early and took over the Robot Masters until being defeated by Bass; rebuilt and completely ignorant of his coup, King imagines himself to be the first in a new line of Robot Masters and the sign of great things to come. As such, King tends to consider himself superior to the other Robot Masters, even the other Elites, and largely wields his power to his own ends (while still serving Wily), biding his time until he takes his destined throne. King often seems like the worst sort of tyrant to people both in and out of the Masters. However, those who disagree with him often have to face his finely crafted Tower Shield and menacing Executioner's Axe, proving him a powerful rallying point for the Robot Masters - a point he is more than happy to press to his advantage when his worth is questioned.


Wake Up With The King, Royal Attitude, Royal 'We,' Ruthless, Speaking To The Peasants, Ego The Size Of A Central European Country, Brooks No Insults, Weapon Specialization: Axe, Lumberjacking, Cutting Blues In Half, Turning The Tables, Then Cutting The Tables In Half,The People Have No Bread? Let Them Eat Axe, It's Good To Be King, We Do Not Hide From You, We Do Not Sneak Into Your Bedroom, We Certainly Do Not Have A Breakfast Sandwich For You, The Good Twin?, Kingly Demeanor, Doesn't Remember Stealing Dr. Wily's Robots, Not Faustian (Sort Of), Megalomaniac, They're Only Delusions Of Grandeur If You're Delusional


On May 22, 2213, Wily went missing. As a result of the King Protocol, King and the Omega Masters ("King's Court") awakened, staged a coup, and kicked Bass out of the Masters temporarily. This lasted approximately a month, when Wily was found in an insane asylum and Bass promptly killed King, putting Wily back in control. King was recreated on June 15th, 2213, and all memory of the coup was blocked, plus a mental block was put on it.

This means King is unaware of his attempt to take over. While his massive ego means he thinks he should rule when Wily is gone, he has no desire to take Wily's place. In fact, King will find ways to reason around obvious evidence of the coup, as well as any evidence of himself as a contigency plan. Such examples include Patriarch (who is obviously an inferior copy, King presumes). King will probably attempt to reason around or, failing that, flat out ignore any attempt to tell him he once took over the Masters by Force.


  • Killed and turned into an armor mode for Enker.


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