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King Dragon
King Dragon.png
Personal Information
Real Name King Dragon
Race Reploid(?)
Gender Male
Faction Repliforce
Function Guardian
Assignment Being Mostly Unthemely
Technical Specifications
Primary Flame Breath
Type Fire
Buster Colors Silver & Green
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"I will protect those who have proved themselves noble at heart."


Built like the mighty dragons that have been in so many stories in the realms of fantasy, King Dragon is a powerful reploid that brings both strength, endurance, and an indomitable will to the Repliforce as they are the ones he was built to serve. Acting much like the dragons of ancient lore, one could say he is a civilized beast in a rather uncivilized world. Armed with massive metallic claws, particle dischargers in his palms, a deadly bladed tail, and his feared flame breath, the dragon is certainly a foe to not be taken lightly. As he was built for the Repliforce to be a guardian, first for RF island, and now the Australian base, he has sworn to protect the base from all threats, only to leave his vigil over the complex when help is required on the front of war. His only weakness lies in his gullibility and willingness to trust those he believes to be sincere.


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