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Kung Chao Jie
Personal Information
Race Cyborg
Gender male
Birth Date July 8, 2202
Creation Date July 8, 2202
Serial Number 826-579-465
Faction Unified Army
Function The Stone Prince
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Unarmed Single Combat
Secondary Specialty Getting Beaten Up, Traditional Chinese Mysticism, Unexpectedly Defeating Challengees, Stealth
Weapons None.
Primary Heaven Thunder Hammer
Type Physical
Secondary Harrier Draws Blood
Type Physical
Buster Colors Black & Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Donnie Yen
Theme Song Mulan - I'll Make A Man Out Of You

Character Data

"When led with virtue, what man could fail to be virtuous?"


Chao Jie Kung is a rising star. His grandfather, Jun Da Kung, is a Strider and a trainer of Striders, though both Chao and his father, Wen Shui Kung, are not Striders. Despite this, Chao has excelled in the service of Grandmaster Meio and become one of China's most beloved heroes. Obsessed with self-improvement, Chao has consistently sought to challenge those more powerful from him and learn from them, causing him to rise meteorically in the ranks of China, at last being named Prince of Henan. Chao's body has been reinforced by tattoo cybernetics to enable him to fight alongside the Striders of Ouroboros, and even in leadership he prefers to fight on the front lines.


Riches, Fame, The Love Of A Beautiful Woman, The Respect Of His Family, And Also Plenty Of Self-Doubt, Unintentional Ambition, Confucian Leadership, Respectful, Kind, Dedicated, Devoted to World Conquest, Traditional Methods, I Must Increase My Power Level, It's Time To Duel, Even Dogs Have Bloodlines - Men Have Will, And The Reason I Seek Power Is...




  • 2226-03-14: Intelligence Exchanges - Before Showroom Hawk ever thought about making a move, third parties already were planning her doom.
  • 2226-06-26: The Death of Showcase Hawk - The death of Showcase Hawk.
  • 2227-08-31: Street Fighter: Tribute to the Master - The dimensional crusade strikes directly at Vega to end Shadaloo's threat and rescue Luna Platz.
  • 2227-09-27: Strider In the Old West - Ouroboros drops in on 1877, when injustice against Chinese railworkers was rampant.
  • 2229-07-30: The Strider's Birthright - Andruw meets Grandmaster Meio, who has a surprise for him.
  • 2229-07-30: The 200 Year Promise - Andruw gets shoved into a box. It leads to an extremely unlikely place.
  • 2230-01-15: Egg Hunt 3-6 - Versus battles Targent and HYDRA who are in search of another Azran Egg.
  • 2230-07-09: The Army Unites - After the formation of the United Army on paper, the various involved groups stage a social get-together to help patch old disputes.
  • 2230-07-19: The Hyperconductor Heist - Nuclear Roach leads an attack on the Dotonbori Megaplex in Japan with Dark Man, Heretic and Moondyne Mouse for sensitive data and parts... but for what?
  • 2230-08-02: Iron Fist - Rai-on, as strong as he has ever been, strikes at the Wudang Temple with his full strength to kill the Grandmaster. Today will be someone's end.
  • 2230-10-20: The Infernal Scrolls - Raffinato, the Hand and Stevenson show up to cause trouble in the Himalayas.
  • 2230-10-29: Earth Red As Blood - The Hand and GENOCIDE attacks a sleepy village in China. Unexpected opposition arrives to stop them!

Cut Scenes

  • 2228-12-16: Sequential Art - Chao and his brother Xiaolong reminisce over comics.