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Kyuubit Foxtaur
Cubit Foxtar.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Virva Helle
Code Name Kyuubit Foxtaur
Race E-Human
Gender Neuter
Creator/s Dr. Weil & Alexia Ashford
Death March 2221?
Faction Presumed Dead
Divisions Neo Arcadia
Function Judge
Technical Specifications
Primary Soul Launcher
Type Fire
Buster Colors Gold and Violet
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero 3
Theme Song Delain - A Day for Ghosts

Character Data

"I can already see the new world Lord Weil is about to create. And I see you, wallowing in the depths of despair!"


Virva Helle was always a mystery to its parents. It claimed to be beyond gender and refused to be treated as either a boy or a girl, wanting the best of all worlds. Virva developed a sense of self-superiority as a defense against the abuse it would regularly endure, making it even less likeable to most people. Everything changed when the Maverick assault on Finland began. It did not want to leave its homeland, but its parents felt it was no longer safe. Leaving it behind, they fled and were killed in a Maverick harassment raid. Orphaned and penniless, it followed refugee convoys and eventually made it to Dr. Weil's Belgian settlement. It was "volunteered" for the upgrade procedure, which it surprisingly survived. Horrifically altered by the process, its biological sex is now prone to mercurial changes due to its new body chemistry. Virva thinks of this grotesque change as a blessing, and is absolutely loyal to both its benefactor and Dr. Weil. Its Kyuubit Foxtaur armor is the most powerful of the Numbers, suiting its belief in its own perfection. Despite being haughty and arrogant, it is a natural leader and is respected (if not necessarily liked) by its subordinates.


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  • 2221-03-08: The Red Wedding - The marriage of Gemini Man and Teresa Magrevich.