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Lady Viris
Personal Information
Real Name Iris
Code Name Lady Viris
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Faction Other
Function Queen of the Mavericks
Technical Specifications
Primary Energy Razornails
Type Blade Energy
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"Lay down your weapons and abandon all hope. This world is ours."


Lady Viris is the Queen of the Maverick Empire. Once known as Iris, the Repliforce commnication specialist, she was among the first to fall to the Maverick Inquisition. Soon after, she became Sigma's bride and was rebuilt into a stronger and more seductive form. She has gained an insatiable thirst for suffering and violence, taking great pleasure in the torture of Imperial captives and tormenting her subordinates alike. Virtually every Maverick desires her attention but fears the wrath of her and Kaiser Sigma; she has no apparent weakness, and her personal armor system, 'Vanguard', has been upgraded since the death of Magistrate Vile. She is possibly the most dangerous Maverick alive.


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