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Laika Hiro-St. James
Laika Hiro-St James.jpg
Personal Information
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Birth Date January 14, 2188
Serial Number TOP SECRET
Faction Unified Army
Function Karate Commando
Assignment Old Boys Club
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Special Operations
Secondary Specialty Flipping Out and Killing People
Weapons SG 850 Assault Rifle, Hand-to-Hand (Kajukenbo), Grenades
Primary Silent Scope
Type Physical
Secondary Scope Gun
Type Physical
Buster Colors Green & Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 4
Theme Song

Character Data

"The strength of good men keeps evil at bay."


Laika Hiro-St. James is a man of many worlds. A Swiss Special Forces soldier of extraordinary ability, he followed his father into the Pope's elite Swiss Guard. He fought in the Resistance during the Maverick occupation of Europe, protecting the innocent and building his reputation as an implacable man who boldly faced impossible odds. After his father died attempted to protect the Pope from Vile he was assigned to Creamland, where he fell in love with Princess Pride. A man of legendary ability, he has survived and overcome challenges that would kill a normal man. A master marksman and biathlete, he is coldly professional, believing in minimum force for maximum effect. His discipline hides his true power: an extension of his cybernetic and genetic augmentations that only come to light when pushed into a rage - and the fastest way to do that is to threaten Princess Pride.


Heavy Weapons, Languages (English, French, Chinese), Martial Arts (Kajukenbo), Military Science, Small Arms, Soldiery, Special Forces Training, Squad Tactics, Bishonen, Determinator, Estrogen Brigade Bait, Prince Charming (Hold The Prince), Normally He Would Be Dead Now, One Man Army, Super Soldier, Unstoppable Rage (Sometimes), Hero Of The Present






  • 2220-07-22: Creamland - The terrible trio visits Creamland.
  • 2220-07-23: Creamland Pt. 2 - The visit continues. NAZI ATTACK!
  • 2220-07-24: Creamland Pt. 3 - THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES. Nazis capture Princess Pride. What shall they do??
  • 2220-07-26: Creamland Pt. 4 - The adventure continues. The team assembles to rescue Princess Pride.
  • 2221-10-06: Let Me Tell You A Story - The lead-in to the development of modern TASC.
  • 2224-08-14: Operation Cream Filling - After months of careful planning, Princess Pride confronts her bodyguard, Laika Hiro-St. James, about something...
  • 2225-03-07: Repliforce Ball - Depth Dragoon helps host a fancy dance party on Sky Lagoon, and some TASC members attend.