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Laser Man
Laser Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number DWN X06
Faction Robot Masters
Function Light Warrior
Technical Specifications
Primary Disruption Laser
Type Energy
Secondary Star Break Laser
Type Physical
Buster Colors Dull black with glowy blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 4
Voice Actor Leonard Nimoy (with hints of Brent Spiner)
Theme Song The Incredible Singing Robot - Star Salzman (OC Remix)

Character Data

"Stand down, or I will be forced to terminate you."


Built to round out the rest of Wily's new Robot Master Squadron, Laser Man was constructed for effective energy-based battle. Laser Man makes his best attempt to be calm, stiff, and logical, which means he frequently clashes with the insanity going on around him in the rest of the Robot Masters. He is not a sadist, but he simply cares very little for others, and doesn't believe in combat honor. There is nothing terribly unorthodox about his weaponry layout, though he makes up for that by stylish execution and sheer damage capacity. His high-powered lasers tend to do almost as much damage to the area around him as they do to his foes; though he never really minds doing collateral damage if it means destroying an opponent, he's frequently being yelled at to take his business outside. Laser Man is optimized for space-based combat, where his occasional misfires aren't likely to bring down the house. Despite this specialization, however, he is not fast enough to enter orbit under his own power. Rumors that his laser core contains a priceless diamond make him a target for theives and vigilantes, who assume great reward for dismantling him.


Not Shockwave, Not a Gundam, Not Darth Vader, Lasers of All Colors and Sizes, Collateral Damage, Getting In on the Eye-Laser Craze, Flying... with LasersLasers on My Lasers, If Jesus had Lasers He still wouldn't be as cool as me, Everything Is Better with Lasers, Yes Even Small Mammals, Yes Even Lasers, Shoop Da Whoop, Carebear Stare, My Heart is Better than Gold, it's a Diamond




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