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Layer the Navigator
Layer the Navigator
Personal Information
Real Name Layer
Code Name L
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Creator/s Troia Base(Unknown)
Birth Date September 28, 2218
Serial Number TBO-00
Faction Versus
Divisions Outer Haven
Function Lady Of War
Assignment Bounce
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty "Zero, can you hear me?!"
Secondary Specialty "Everyone, can you hear me?!"
Primary Layer Rapier
Type Blade
Secondary Riposte
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman X8
Theme Song

Character Data

"Preparation does not guarantee victory. Lack of preparation, however, guarantees defeat."


Layer is an expert on all things combat, hired by the Maverick Hunters to become a tactician and combat instructor after an act of heroism between her, and her sister Pallette, which saved dozens of lives from a Maverick raid led by one of their own at Troia Base, a training facility for the British Militia. Ever calm under fire, Layer's become known as an anchor amidst chaos and is known for her focus and determination on the field, though off the field she's a generally quiet, awkward, and still slightly shy woman with a sense of dignity and style. Cunning and quick despite the outward images she portrays, she's able to use both experience and ingenuity to intuitively figure out weak points in enemies, combat flaws, and gauge strengths and weaknesses, making her a true threat either on the field with her rapier and other arsenal of weaponry, or off it as a Navigator. Despite her shyness, Layer is slowly adjusting to coming out of her shell, and while still awkward, has learned to handle things with grace thanks to her sister's efforts, and a growing relationship with Zero.


Tactical Advice, Battlefield Leadership, Fending Off Her Crazy Sister, Rivaling Alloy For "Least Annoying Navigator" Award, Combat Training, Martial Arts, Implausible Fencing Powers, Blushing, Making Normal Situations Awkward, I Like Swords!, Making Rivals, Sentimental Fool, Insane Tactical Maneuvers That You Never Saw Coming, Knowledge: Hair Care, Knowledge: Weaponry, Knowledge: War History, Knowledge: Love, Force Of Nature, "Zero? Can you hear me?!"


The Beginning

Layer is a adult Reploid, created by mechanics at Troia Base, on September 28, 2218. Her serial # is TBO-00, and she was succeeded by her sister Pallette just under a couple of weeks later. Layer and Pallette are both serious navigators, although their interests took a sharp deviation, as Layer took after the Maverick Hunter Zero compared to Pallete's interests in all things guns and oil and firepowder(which is why, respectively, Pallette primarily used to navigate for Axl).

Troia Base

Layer's original assignment was to Troia Base with Pallette. During their time there, the pair revealed the duplicity of another Base operative, Optic Sunflower. Optic was eventually revealed as a maverick and killed, and Layer and Pallette were brought into the Hunters.

The Hunters

This has not actually happened. Stay out of Layer's day dreams. You have been warned.

Layer's work in the Maverick Hunters was primarily as a navigator, and a rapier specialist, as well as a general teacher about all things combat: tactical advice, leadership, general fencing powers, and other such things that keep a reploid alive. Let's face: Seven years as a reploid means a whole helluva lot of training time, and Layer is dedicated to her training... as well as to her 'family'.

0th Unit

When Zero split from the Mavericks to form the 0th Unit, it was without question that Layer followed him; the 0th Unit, like her work in the Hunters, could use her expertise, and her ability to help sooth ruffled feathers helps with the problems within in the group.Now she's just as much of a actual swordslady as a navigator, making her doubly more useful, so... what the world gives her, who knows?

1st Unit

Layer is considered the sort of secretary-cute-girl-in-the-office type when she's not kicking other 0th Unit members rears' in training. She tends to deal with new recruits and requests to talk to zero as well as handling paperwork considering how busy Zero tends to be.

Between work duties, she stabs people with a rapier.


  • May have Tying Zero Up +5.
  • Darnit, Pallette.
  • She does not Pole Dance, Zero. :|
  • Likes playing pool.
  • Has a variety of habits no one except Pallette knows about.




  • 2221-01-02: Zombie Tactics - Radios and board posts from the zombie apocalypse. Spam ahoy!
  • 2221-03-19: Good First Impressions - Andruw's first day as a Hunter.
  • 2221-04-30: The Houseman Fanfic Method - People chat with the newly-spectral Dr. Light on Hunter radio... then it veers to very wrong places indeed.
  • 2221-05-26: Funeral Meltdown - The funeral of Alpha and Chroma B in Detroit - Dynamo does not take it well.
  • 2225-02-04: The Fall of Umbrella - Albert Wesker decides that Umbrella's usefulness to him is ended.
  • 2225-05-19: ...Must Come To An End - One shall stand. One shall fall.
  • 2229-07-13: 'Loves Company' Pt. 1 - Versus tracks down a missing actress, leading them to an old TV network building in Warsaw. They encounter a psychotic killer and GENOCIDE troopers looking to deter their efforts!

Cut Scenes