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Lead Cadet
Mascot of the Lead Blades
Mascot of the Lead Blades
Personal Information
Real Name Abandoned
Code Name Lead Cadet
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Grave
Function Trainee
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Everything He's Tried To Do
Secondary Specialty Anything He Hasn't Tried Yet
Weapons Sword and Shield [Velocidrome Bite]
Primary Super Velociroundslash
Type Blade
Secondary Sure Kill Velocishield Bash
Type Physical Blade
Buster Colors Blue and Brown
OOC Information
Game Monster Hunter
Voice Actor Tom Ballard
Theme Song

Character Data

"Don't forget to like, comment, and sub-Seltascribe!"


A young man from Australia who has thrown away his name. The Cadet has only been a member of the Lead Blades for a few short years but has proven himself many times over. He is an instinctive combat genius, becoming an expert in any weapon or fighting style he tries out in short order, a trait at odds with his wild, unfocused, life-of-the-party personality. He loves to joke around and is continuously talking, making little social distinction between ally and enemy even in the middle of a fight. Having grown up immersed in propaganda from Australian fringe groups and political extremists, the Cadet has deep-seated prejudices against Reploid life and is very concerned with building his social media brand to push his human-first message. He loves testing out catchphrases on everyone around him and, being a huge fan of giant monsters, works their names into wordplay and puns as a "fun" gimmick. His Living Armor gives him fantastic reaction time, and the Velocidrome Bite sword and shield he uses manifests Septimal claws and fangs as he fights.


YouTuber (Logan Paul), The Claw Of The Beast, You Ever Meet Someone, They're Good At Everything, Nothing Goes Badly For Them, It All Goes Their Way Time After Time, Karma Never Touches Them, But They Deserve None Of It, They Haven't Worked To Earn Anything, They Just Charge Through Life And The World Seems Hell-Bent On Keeping Them From Ever Having To Learn A Single Lesson No Matter What?


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  • 2230-12-05: Buck Creek Raid - Versus, angry at the US for kidnapping Dr. Orihime, takes the law into their own hands and starts a war.

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