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Lead Leader
Leader of the Lead Blades
Leader of the Lead Blades
Personal Information
Real Name Abandoned
Code Name Lead Leader
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Grave
Function Field Leader
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Decision-Making, Infiltration, Security
Secondary Specialty Big Game Hunting
Weapons Long Sword [Wyvern Blade - "Verde"], Dual Blades [Sworn Rapiers]
Primary Spirit of Queensblood
Type Blade Corrosive
Secondary Rathian Howl
Type Sonic
Buster Colors Blue and Green
OOC Information
Game Monster Hunter
Voice Actor Doug Cockle
Theme Song Jaxson Gamble - Wild Thing

Character Data

"Go, Blades. Take every target. Leave the most dangerous for me."


A man from Bulgaria who has thrown away his name. The Lead Leader came from a large and traditional family notable for staring down each one of Europe's occupations and calamities without backing down... and paying the price over and over again. By the time Leader was born his family was running itself like a small army under the leadership of his great uncle, who trained him uncompromisingly until he was the equivalent of most special forces soldiers by the age of 13. The family's stubborn streak steadily whittled them down over the years, and after the madness of Ragnarok, only the Leader remained. The Lead Leader lives for conflict and competition, quick to escalate tense situations into all-out combat or even ordinary conversations into passionate arguments. His supreme confidence seems to border on the suicidal. He is only able to relax around the rest of the Lead Blades, notably the Lancer, who learned the trade of Greymalkin under the same mentor as him. Leader rarely holds any real animosity toward his opponents, though he tends to only see them as prey to be hunted. On mission he is brutally efficient and a small-scale tactical genius, with the Blades moving as extensions of himself. His Living Armor is some of the best produced by LynianCorp, and he wields the dual Sworn Rapiers and the venomous Wyvern Blade "Verde" long sword with punishing skill.


Has A Twitter (Never Tweeted), Shadow Mirror Max Omega, The Hunter King, One Sword For Monsters, Two Swords For Man, The Head Of The Beast


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  • 2230-12-05: Buck Creek Raid - Versus, angry at the US for kidnapping Dr. Orihime, takes the law into their own hands and starts a war.

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