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Leganchor Gelroid
Leganchor Gelroid.jpg
Personal Information
Race Pseudoroid
Gender Male
Function Aquatic Weapons Platform
Technical Specifications
Primary Search Harpoon
Type Blade
Secondary Belly Flop Of Death
Type Force Water
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX
Theme Song

Character Data

"Sometimes ignorance is bliss, little one!"


Leganchor Gelroid is a patient, thoughtful robot who believes himself old and wisened. A Pseudoroid constructed by Dr. Psyche and Dr. Stevenson, Leganchor would be harmless if not for the fact that he was constructed to be the size of a ride armor. Nearly immobile, Leganchor is typically assigned to guard ocean ports and deep rivers, where he will spend days doing nothing much at all. His tendency to sit in one place for long periods has given him the delusion of old age and experience, as he has watched the world go by long enough to think he understands it. Taken to long-winded lectures to the smaller, younger things around him about various subjects, Leganchor has mastered only the fine art of being intensely boring. Armed with ice and water weaponry, Leganchor is usually content to immobilize or otherwise inconvenience opponents while he discusses, at great length, whatever it is he is thinking about at that moment. Leganchor is one of Lurerre's only friends, primarily because Leganchor can't run away when Lurerre starts asking for feedback.