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Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy.png
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Unified Army
Function Action Hero
Technical Specifications
Primary Hand Cannon
Type Physical
Secondary Chicago Typewriter
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Resident Evil 2
Theme Song The Ballad of John McClane - Guyz Nite

Character Data

"Everything's going to be just fine."


Leon Kennedy was a police officer in Raccoon City, having joined the force just before the T-Virus outbreak. The battle to escape from the city was a trial by fire for Leon, but he managed to survive while getting as many people out of the city as he could. In the aftermath of the incident, he briefly enlisted in the US Armed Forces, but found his ability to do good limited by a conservative foreign policy. When STARS was consumed into Repliforce, Leon saw an opportunity to have the kind of flexibility he craved. He recieved a transfer into STARS and quickly became one of its most valuable assets, known for his professionalism and ability to improvise. Leon works very hard to keep his personal life out of his duties, but rarely succeeds in keeping the two apart. Further, his past association with Raccoon City and the US military continues to occasionally come back to haunt him in unexpected ways. As well as being a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, Leon is a firearms enthusiast. He rarely finds himself without the right gun for the job.


Sharpshooting, Knife Fighting,, Head Kicking, Suplexing, Herbology, Herb Blending For Fun And Profit, First Aid Spray Addict, Sharp Dressed Man, Doesn't Have Cigarettes, Has Gum, Laser Sighted Everything, Weapon Customization, Utility Belt