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Lepus Swift
Personal Information
Race FMian
Gender Neuter (Female)
Faction FMian
Divisions Infantry
Function Wannabe Trickster
Technical Specifications
Primary Hypersonic Shotgun
Type Sonic
Secondary Poltergeist Groove
Type Force
Buster Colors Pastel Pink and Cream White
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"Trust me, I'm working entirely for your benefit."


Lepus Swift is a cunning, graceful, iron willed FMian whose might could challenge even Cepheus' -- or so she would want you to believe. Among her own kind, Lepus is known for its ineptitude, being only effective at preying on the exceptionally weak and hopeless. Routinely pummeled by stronger FMians, Lepus prefers to have patsies around it to absorb the aggression it inevitably gathers when it starts talking over its station. When Lepus finds itself alone, its cowardice shines through. It would rather run away and build up bitterness toward stronger foes than fight when it does not feel it has the advantage. Lepus is known primarily for possessing Kalinka Cossack for a brief period, but the strength of Kalinka's friends were able to overcome its control of her. Still at large, Lepus Swift will likely find another mark for its petty plans sooner or later.


Desperately Climbing The FMian Food Chain, Creating Dependency Issues In Others, If Lies Were Cats She'd Be A Litter, Not A Good Luck Charm, Shamelessly Ripping Off Queen Ophiuca's Style (Badly)