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Personal Information
Race Champion
Gender Female
Faction Unified Army
Function A Woman With A Will As Clear As Ice
Assignment Champion PMC
Technical Specifications
Primary White Water Kicks
Type Physical
Secondary Penetrate And Neutralize
Type Blade
Buster Colors Ice Blue & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero
Theme Song

Character Data

"Remembering the people I couldn't protect then gives me the strength to protect everyone now."


Helene Sundstrand grew up in Norway, though the war forced her family to relocate time and time again. An Olympic triathlete, Helene was at practice when her family got the message that they were going to leave Earth as part of Project Dandelion. The Jammers attacking the city made it impossible for her to reunite with her family before the launch, and she found herself alone. With the family she loved lost in space, she was forced to reexamine her life, and eventually her desire to help others led her to the Champion Initiative. Ciel's enhancements have made her an even better swimmer, resistant to cold and able to hold her breath for long periods of time. The ice weaponry and aquatic drive systems of the Leviathan power armor give her an incredibly potent array of abilities that she can utilize in both aquatic and terrestrial combat. Hardly the ice queen her weaponry would suggest, Helene is a friendly and gregarious woman who enjoys jokes and pranks. An avid competitor and a bit of a Renaissance woman, Helene seems to know a little bit about almost everything.


Blonde With Brains, Most Common Superpower, Angst-Repellent, Actually Took Underwater Basket Weaving, What, Didn't You?, She Doesn't Swim, She Just Hits the Water Until It Takes Her Where She Wants to Go, Heinlein Protagonist, Colonist Applied Science Package (Biology (Marine), Chemistry, Geology, Horticulture, Meteorology, Soil Science, Wildlife Management, Veterinary Science), Seminar Knowledge (Architecture, Actuarial Science, Engineering (Chemical, Electrical, Geophysical, Mechanical), Statistics), Watches Lectures All Night, Takes Notes