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Lex Loath
Lex Loath.jpg
Personal Information
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Function Mob Boss
Technical Specifications
Primary Loath Laser
Type Energy
Secondary Noxious Presence
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
Theme Song

Character Data

"Sometimes, you have to break a few legs to get what you want."


The head of the powerful and feared Loath crime family, Lex is the longest living and most notorious mob boss in the world. Having inherited his entire fortune, Lex is a lover of money and a big spender, enjoying all the excesses of the rich life. He retains it all through numerous criminal escapades, from simple extortion and fraud to piracy, slavery, and drug trafficking. Ruthless and greedy, Lex rules his minions by force, not charisma, and keeps those that disobey him in line with theats of violence or death. Highly intelligent, Lex mostly employs his mind to new plans to gain more profit and power, making sure he has a hand in every venture that looks like a money-maker to him, and he bears no sense of honor whatsoever; lying and cheating are some of his best weapons. He often entertains dreams of conquering the world that are mostly delusional, and has become more paranoid over the years, feeling invincible one day and fearing his capture and imprisonment the next. Luckily Lex has plenty of protection from prosecution that allows him to avoid law enforcement agents who are unable to pin a crime on him. Despite having gained cybernetics after a near-fatal car accident, Lex is notably not capable of fighting at all, preferring to leave that to his henchmen or even a power armor when his life is actual threatened. He has a mild disgust for his nephew Glyde's flamboyant attitude, but nonetheless keeps him as a high-ranking underling. He utilizes the Loath's personal drones, the crude and annoying Birdbots, who share his love of fine cigars.


Arrogance, Immunity From Prosecution, Filthy Stinking Rich, Lack Of Social Skills, Steel Nose, The True Flying Fatman, Doing About Every Crime Imaginable, Trophy (Wife) Collecting, Cigar Smoking, Mild Megalomania




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