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Libra Scales
Libra Scales.jpg
Personal Information
Race FMian
Gender Neuter (Male)
Faction FMian
Divisions Intelligence
Function Logician
Technical Specifications
Primary Libra Swing
Type Fire Water
Secondary Heavy Weight
Type Physical
Buster Colors Red and Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force 1
Theme Song

Character Data

"Choose either your death or your doom!"


Libra Scales is a FMian philosopher-scientist. FMian philosopher-scientists are students of whatever enemy Cepheus has assigned them to master. In their efforts to find the optimal way to destroy an enemy, they often develop binary thought patterns to eliminate extraneous information. So it went with Libra Scales, whose Aristotelian logic is rigid and unyielding. Seeing Earth society as a series of choices to "do" or "do not", Libra Scales wishes to find a solution to the "problem" that will yield the Earth ceasing to exist. While Mitch Shepard was able to fight off Libra Scales because of his love for his students, Libra Scales continues to work on the slow matter problem in the shadows.


Darwinist, Evil Scientist, Illogical Logic, There Is No Maybe