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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date March 19, 2209
Serial Number MSR-001
Faction Versus
Function The Doctor
Assignment Diagnose Lupus
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Reploid Physiology and Neurology
Secondary Specialty Human Physiology and Neurology
Weapons Scowling & Medical Equipment Shouldn't Work That Way
Primary Laser Scalpel
Type Energy
Secondary The Wrench
Type Energy
OOC Information
Game Megaman X5
Theme Song

Character Data

"Saving lives isn't hard when they're willing to be saved."


One of the best doctors on Earth, Lifesaver was already wealthy and influential before being invited to the Maverick Hunters. A doctor by design, he quickly established himself as an innovator and one of the best in his field, treating both human and robot patients with equal skill. With the dissolution of the Hunters, he followed Roll to Light Labs, working as her resident medical expert. Able to create solid hologram duplicates to serve as his own assistants, Lifesaver is incredibly efficient in the surgical theater, using his doubles as extensions of himself to do things no other doctor could do alone. Serious and intellectual, he plays it off with a dry, acerbic wit that sometimes sours attitudes towards him, though there's nobody alive who can doubt his skill. Enjoys a good gathering, though you'd never know it from his dour expression.


Human Anatomy, Medicine, Reploid Anatomy, Getting Shot Down, Scalpel Twirling, Encyclopedic Knowledge Of Female First Names, Saving Lives, Viral Theory, Unnecessarily Curmudgeonly, Dry Humor, Selective Memory, Medical Jargon, Dammit I'm A Doctor Not A...