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Captain Kurosawa
The Cloud Strife School of Fashion
The Cloud Strife School of Fashion
Personal Information
Real Name Linn Kurosawa
Race Cyborg
Gender Female
Creator/s Her Parents
Birth Date April 21, 2203
Serial Number BH-00054C
Faction Unified Army
Divisions SAPD
Function SWAT Team Captain
Assignment Rapid Response
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Law Enforcement
Secondary Specialty Martial Arts
Weapons SAPD gear, family katana
Primary Kurosawa Katana
Type Blade
Secondary Heckler & Koch VP70
Type Physical
Buster Colors Orange & Gunmetal
OOC Information
Game Alien vs. Predator
Voice Actor Kat Steel
Theme Song

Character Data

"This isn't over, is it?"


Linn Kurosawa is one of the rising stars of the San Angeles Police Department. As a teenager, she fought with the Blue Men to free San Angeles from Neo Arcadian and Robot Master control, joining the force soon after reaching adulthood. Linn rose rapidly through the ranks, and soon found herself in line for a position with the SAPD SWAT team. She voluntarily received cybernetic upgrades to better perform her duties: muscle fiber replacements and reinforced bones along with subdermal armor, as well as an awareness package to give her sharper reflexes. Finding herself on the front lines during an alien attack in 2227 has given Linn a fresh outlook on things, and she now finds herself preparing for the inevitable returns of the extraterrestrial predators.


Alien-Destroying Machine, The One Everyone Picks First, Doesn't Show Off Her Tats, Takes Fashion Tips From Cloud Strife, Ninja Descendant, Boy She Looks Familiar, Doesn't She?




  • 2227-11-08: Concrete Jungle - An unusually hot autumn brings a rash of strange killings to San Angeles...
  • 2229-04-10: Predators - After responding to a distress call and running afoul of an angry alien, the survivors of the encounter awaken on a strange world...
  • 2231-04-03: Cold Case - A pair of overworked investigators discover another mystery.