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Linnea Blossom
Personal Information
Real Name Linnea Blossom
Code Name Linnea
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Creation Date ???
Death February 5, 2223
Faction Independent
Function Ex-Red Dragon Strider
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Martial Arts, Assassination
Secondary Specialty Infiltration, Rage
Weapons Cipher, Bare Hands
Primary Harmonic Cipher
Type Sonic Blade
Secondary Gravity Boots
Type Gravity
Buster Colors Red and Darker Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"Shut up."


A former Red Dragon Strider. Unlike the other Striders, Linnea was a Reploid, built to imitate humanity but unable to ever be a part of it. During Ra Moon's arrival, she sold herself to him to obtain a human body, and - surprisingly - survived the whole event after her capture by the Hunters during the Blackguard's attack on their facilities. Linnea stayed with Light Labs and the Hunters for some time, joined LEGIONS as an associate, and eventually betrayed them to her one of her only living friends, Mai Atsuki. Over time, she became progressively more unstable and had her ersatz human body destroyed, returning to a Reploid frame, but this did not help her mental state; she was never able to come to terms with her existence over the long term. She betrayed Grave in late 2222 and enabled Interpol and African law enforcement to hit their criminal assets hard by her testimony and evidence. This instigated a chain of events that would end with her killed by Mai Atsuki's hand, an event Linnea had come to look forward to with relief more than anything else. Known in life for an extremely short temper to the point of momentary fits of berserker rage, along with extensive risk-taking behaviour and an inability to connect with many people; she had few friends and difficulty expressing herself in ways other than aggression. Retrospective looks at Linnea's personality suggest she had always been dangerously unstable but had kept it under a modicum of control by sheer willpower, aside from her fits of rage, until a breakdown in the last two years or so of her life.