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Personal Information
Race Catwoman
Gender Female
Faction Versus
Function Wanderer
Technical Specifications
Primary The Gathering
Type Blade
Secondary Help Yourself
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Darkstalkers
Theme Song

Character Data

"Don't push your luck. It pushes back."


Found in Virginia, Lucy wasn't raised by her parents but by a succession of groups: the Juggalos, a traveling circus, a few other people for a week or a month or a season as she grew up. Self-reliant and independent-minded, Lucy never really felt at home with any of them and struck out on her own as a teenager to live life her own way. Hearing of other catwomen like her, she started to search for them on her travels, something that eventually brought her to meet and join the members of Versus. She also found a lifestyle she loves, though she rarely admits it: the Diggers of Kattelox, of which she is a very early member. Lucy leads a Digging crew of her own made up of other misfits, and though the team is officially nameless, Diggers have started to call them the Stray Cats - when Lucy isn't present, anyway. Physically superior to most humans, Lucy has a more feral appearance than her compatriot Felicia, with enormous claws and sharp teeth to go with the fur, tail, and feline ears and eyes. Though less paranoid than she used to be about being thought a freak or a monster, she remains lower profile by choice - except amongst the Diggers, where she is inexplicably popular on the Motherlode site. Lucy is extremely pessimistic and rather cynical, always assuming the worst out of life, if only because experience has proven she tends to get it. Even her recent uptick in fortune has not changed her tendency to expect the worst.


Circus Experience, Down With The Clown, Conveniently Placed Fur, Costuming, Makeup, Disguise Creation, Skills (Odd Jobs, Digging), Skill Mastery (Survival, Exploration), Not Hogging the Spotlight, Atrocious Luck, Surprisingly Not A Black Cat, Cynic, Someone Probably Once Cursed Her To Live In Interesting Times And Now She's Stuck With It