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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Neuter
Creator/s Gate
Divisions Squeaky Shoes
Function Revolutionary
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Perfection
Primary The Illusion of Free Will
Type Energy
Secondary The Blight of Dis
Type Fire
Buster Colors White & Purple
OOC Information
Game Megaman X8
Theme Song

Character Data

"Every moment you exist is an act of rebellion against entropy. Embrace change."


Lumine is an idea that persists beyond any particular expression. Lumine believes himself to be the pinnacle of existence, but not as a paragon among many, but as existence of consciousness itself. Reconstructed through a cage named Schmitt (built from the personality matrix of Red), the existence of 'self' no longer confines Lumine. Lumine posseses a patience beyond any other being. He has no timetable to rush against, he has not a single deadline to meet. He is cold, methodical, and ever, ever so patient. He rarely if ever makes rash comments or reacts in haste. For him, time does not have to be an enemy; it is something that works to his advantage. Those who consider themselves his enemies delude themselves into thinking that the feeling is mutual. Lumine has been, is, and will be. How can one be an enemy with their own reflection? However, every being has its limits, and Lumine is no exception. When pushed beyond his limits, he returns to a murderous, vengeful streak, which he enjoyed during his foray as Schmitt. It's a weakness, he realizes, but everyone has their button.


Meme: Lumine, Evolution Is Inevitable, The Self Is Contradictory, The Ego Is A Lie, Experience Is Key, Aloof, 'Destroy This Body, And I Will Return Again,' Darkest Before Dawn, You Wouldn't Like Me When I Am Angry, All Beings Serve A Purpose To Unity, Would You Like To Hear More About Your Lord And Savior, Lumine?

If You Want To Know More



  • 2218-08-30: Paradise Lost - Gate goes Maverick -- and tries to take all his children with him.
  • 2226-07-08: The Death of Showroom Hawk - A final confrontation.
  • 2226-10-28: A Good Old Fashioned Witch Burning - Yomiel appeals to the old-school religious sensibilities of his people by burning Morrigan Aensland at the stake.
  • 2226-10-28: Adventures in Hell - Nephilim familiarizes itself with Makai ahead of their battle against Pyron.
  • 2226-11-09: The Truthiest Truth - After an argument that goes nowhere, Theseus and Tisiphone cool off over lunch.
  • 2227-02-24: Unit Cohesion - Things finally come to a head between Theseus and Lumine. Punk intervenes.
  • 2227-11-21: Hearts and Minds - Theseus interferes in a Greymalkin execution job targeting an old Maverick who's made good.
  • 2228-12-16: Santa Wily - Winter is Coming - Dr. Wily occupies Harvard Square and compels co-eds to serve as elves in a mad scheme... to delight children?? This can't end well.
  • 2230-06-08: To What End - The Fourth Empire's operations on Klondike are rapidly escalating. It's time to strike the most important military facility on the planet to find out what they're doing: The bar at the spaceport. This time, the allies get some unexpected good fortune to help them along.
  • 2230-06-10: Science-Emperor Bilstein - The Fourth Empire's Klondike project approaches its culmination. The Science-Emperor's faith in Gore has faltered enough so that Bilstein is coming to finish the job himself. And he brought friends.