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Luna Platz
Luna Platz.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Luna Platz
Race Esper
Gender Female
Creator/s Vaughn and Val Platz
Birth Date 3-26-2207
Faction Grave
Function The Prez
Assignment Ascend.
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Perfectly innocent harmless vapid supermodel
Secondary Specialty Psychic criminal organization leader
Primary Vapor .380 - Robot Killer
Type Blade Electric
Secondary Five Rounds Rapid
Type Physical
Buster Colors Blue & Yellow
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force
Theme Song

Character Data

"I don't need your blessing to gain the power I seek."


Luna Platz is a complicated girl. Luna's parents, wealthy, upwardly mobile professionals, pushed her from a young age into being the best she can be. Luna caught the attention of the Nebula Syndicate after FMian Queen Ophiuca possessed her in high school. Her determination to succeed at all costs earned her the patronage of the conspiracy, granting her access to elite training and resources. Now a student at Harvard, Luna has come into her own as a young woman and Grave operative. She has proven to be a world-class sniper, capable of making nearly impossible shots over great distances. Luna is also telekinetic, an apparent leftover from her possession by the Queen. She uses her powers to augment her formidable sharpshooter skills; she can change the course of bullets in flight and redirect them away from her if need be. Luna can also float unaided and project a startling amount of force. Luna is demanding and domineering, but has discovered that using her looks and a little sweetness to get things done can often be more effective than being bossy. She still sometimes lashes out when she doesn't get her way, but is learning to moderate herself with practice. Luna works hard to create new friendships and treat other women with more respect. Luna dreams of becoming a successful executive and political leader, but also has a strong interest in art and fashion. Her greatest weakness is her vanity, which her enemies can exploit by putting her in embarrassing or personally compromising situations.


Conspiracy Lore, Firearms (Yes), Heavy Weapons, Languages (many), Martial Arts (MCMAP), Sharpshooting, Sniping, Squad Tactics, Urban Combat, Blonde Republican Co-Ed, Euthanized Damsel, Heroic Willpower, Soul Taker, The Beautiful Elite, The Eyes Have It, AU Sookie Stackhouse, The Once And Future Queen, Dictator?


Luna more grown up.

Luna Platz was born under a fairly ordinary situation for the world of M3. She did survive the zombie apocalypse, which had a strong effect on her upbringing as her parents were very concerned for her personal safety. They were also both workaholics, leaving Luna a latchkey only child who has always felt starved for their approval. As a result, she works extremely hard to be the best at everything she does, and sometimes it feels like good enough is never good enough.

Luna probably would have grown up to be merely a businesswoman, or go into politics, but the arrival of aliens to her school turned everything upside down for her. Her efforts to catch the romantic attention of the young Rockman met in disaster and she began a long rivalry with rockstar Sonia Strumm. Luna became merged with the FMian Queen Ophiucia, but was undone by the Queen's ambitions to become more powerful. Luna lost her access to the Queen and that power, and nearly was killed herself. She never forgot what it was like to be powerful, and is always trying to find new ways to get one up on her rivals.

She was still struggling with these feeling when she first met Bly, who seemed to see something in her that attracted him. At first Luna was merely interested in trying out a different boy (maybe, she could even make Rockman, AKA Geo Stelar, jealous). But their relationship developed and now they are inseparable.

It was not originally through that connection, but through Teresa Magrevich, that Luna became attached to Grave. The leader of the conspiracy thought that perhaps Luna had the smarts and acumen to become a good leader for the Illuminati. However, this would take a long time, as Luna has had a lot to overcome. Luna knows she has to grow as a person before she can really accept the mantle of leadership. She is disciplined in increasing her social influence as well as working hard to increase her mindfulness of others.

Dressed for a night on the town.

She has also worked on combat training and growing in physical power. Her fights during the zombie incidents made her a terrific shot, and she uses a sniper rifle to great effect. The powers that she has developed from other encounters don't seem to be fading away. She is now something mostly but not exactly human. This is a secret to those she does not consider trusted friends, as she doesn't want to turn people away. Most people who encounter her find her almost mysteriously charismatic in person.

Luna has moved out of high school now and is a student at Harvard, making her success-oriented parents both very proud. She has started her own fashion label, called Lunar Rise, where she calculates trends and makes deals in order to expand her personal brand into a global business. Luna's parents feel a little less pleased about her most current work: at age 21, she chose to pose for Playboy Magazine as Miss September. The reasons for this choice seem to be inscrutable for such a formerly buttoned-up girl, but she does seem to like the attention. Maybe her boyfriend of many years has finally gotten her to really show her wild side.


Young Luna in a Scout uniform. Be prepared.
  • Luna hopes someday to go into politics.
  • Luna has a crush on Vega, even if Vega is scary.
  • Luna lists her "turn-ons" as "Ambition, athleticism, and great food" and her "turn-offs" as "Laziness, being disorganized, and liars."
  • Luna's psychic powers are much stronger than she generally lets on. Right now, she hopes that everyone will just forget. It's fortunate that lots of selfies are such a great distraction.
  • Luna posts almost daily selfies to a photofeed that has millions of subscribers. Many people consider it motivational.
  • Luna was a very decorated Girl Scout.
  • Luna's eyes were hazel when she was younger, but now they are closer to gold. They tend to glow when she is actively using powers.